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Ahtu Najeeb is an American professional wrestler who is known mostly on the independent circuit where he has regularly worked for many promotions, but continues to strive for the Sanctuary. Known and portrayed as The Savage God King, Ahtu continues to use The Sanctuary to push other Indy promotions to be on the top of their game each and every night. Operating out of Hazelton, PA, it has become widely known as one of the hottest promotions coming up the East Coast.

We originally spoke to him earlier in the year and learned a lot about his background and very intriguing story. He has graciously accepted my invitation to come back on for my all new “Catching Up” segment and elaborate more on his career. Ahtu is known for his unfiltered approach and uncensored personality. So come inside and hear about one of wrestling’s best kept secrets, The Sanctuary!


What new and exciting things have been going on since we last talked?

I’ve decided to not take bookings from other wrestling companies because once you’ve found the one, why settle for anything else.

What has been your toughest match to date?

The Sanctuary’s One year anniversary against Tommy Dreamers House of Hardcore alumni Ben the Beast Ortiz. Was a pleasure exchanging blows with this most formidable of foes and he pushed and took me to the edge. ‘Twas a beautiful thing.

What is something your wrestling fans wouldn’t believe about you if you told them?

I feel like s##t and want to die every god damn day. The only time I rejoice in life is when I’m f##king s##t up at the Sanctuary. Other than that, I see through the translucent veil of life and am not impressed. With that said, it is my complete disgust with this existence that has transformed me into the Doomsday Jesus and has helped me become who I am. I am most assuredly something else.

What is one of the most memorable road stories from spending time on the circuit you can recall?

One of my most memorable road stories is hard to call. The pro wrestling industry has so many colorful characters that have been in sitcom like situations that’s it’s difficult to pick one over the other. Plus I have this thing where I go out of my way to forget every day that transpires because I have a motto of f##k life. I tend to deal with the present moments as they unfold. Ain’t no tomorrow and f##k yesterday. You see, I’m not just the Doomsday Jesus. I AM THE DOOMSDAY JESUS. Shoot.

Was there ever a time along your journey when you thought wrestling would never amount to anything but a dream?

There hasn’t been one instance where I thought that pro wrestling wouldn’t amount to anything but a mere dream. I mean really, life is a dream anyway so in my realm pro wrestling is the reality, even on the independent circuit. There is life, a big one outside of the WWE. Dreams are like reality. They’re what you make of them. Before I go any further, any women that would like to send their Savage God King provocative photos via Facebook messenger will receive a healthy blessing. For you will find I am kind. Lol.

How did the concept of The Sanctuary come about?

The Sanctuary came about through the vision of Jon Patrick Trosky; Aka the Angry Wrestling Vet, aka Supreme Lee Great, aka professional stunt man in movies such as the Wolf of Wallstreet, Noah, and the Equalizer. He is also the man that trained Mickey Rourke to become a wrestler for the movie the Wrestler. The concept was to create a finishing school for professional wrestlers and a unique learning environment where workers/wrestlers can take what they’ve learned and apply it in a television studio format.

For newer competitors (greenies) they can start from ground zero and gather all the tools needed to work wherever they dream. Be it the fed, Japan, Mexico…you name it. In fact, we are now actively working with Bruce Hart (if I have to explain who he is to anyone reading, give back your pro wrestling or wrestling fan card). He is helping develop talent by passing down his vast wisdom to keep this sport the greatest form of entertainment on the planet.

What are your thoughts about Hulk Hogan and his recent troubles?

As far as Hogan goes…Hulk Hogan is still my n##a. You can quote me on that. I’ve said horrible racist things about damn near everyone. It’s called being human, having emotions, and finding ways to express one’s self. Hulk Hogan used racial slurs or whatever but, did anyone die? F##k the press. F##k these goddamn spin doctors and the programmable robots that buy into the bullshit.

I remember when our nation wasn’t occupied by sh#t ton of p###ies easily offended by something as normal as words and expression. Freedom of speech my a$$.

What are your thoughts about Jimmy Snuka and his recent troubles?

The Snuka incident is most unfortunate but not surprising in the least. Professional wrestlers are artists. Artists are insane. Flat out crazy. Has to be that way or we’d be normal and boring with zero to bring to the table. I don’t know the whole story, don’t care. S##t happens, life is f##ked up. People are f##ked up. Surprise. I however am not a fan of murder. Torture yes. Plus he’s like 90 and will be dead soon. Who cares?

What is your opinion on Part-time wrestlers like Sting, the Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar holding World Titles?

Sting, Taker and Lesnar being so called part time wrestlers yet still holding titles and representing the company? Cool. Why not? Cats on the Indy scene defend their titles once a month if even. Many are horrible ambassadors of their companies; the men I named are tried and true extremely valuable assets. The Savage God King is completely okay with that. Those men are as good as gold.

Lastly, if one of your fans came up to you and said they want to be a professional wrestler, what would your response be?

For any fan that would tell me they aspire to be a professional wrestler I would simply say…f##k it. Go on, jump in the fire. Fire cleanses you know. And it rises.

One last thing I meant to touch on, Pro Wrestling Illustrated. I found out the other day that made their list of the top 500 wrestlers and it pleases me to no end. So many on our industry shit on the list and downplay it. Plain and simple, PWI is a tremendous vehicle for Professional Wrestling and the Savage God King supports them fully. Had I not made the list again I would still support them to the utmost because they’re good for business, period. And our industry needs all the help it can get when it comes to shining the spotlight on us. So to everyone with sand in their vagina about how this is a work, that’s a work and the list and magazine mean nothing…I say thee, NAY! I have been a fan of PWI virtually my entire life as the case with 9 out of 10 wrestlers and wrestling fans. So break out your crying towels all you want, I appreciate PWI. You will find I am kind.

Thank you for allowing me the platform in which to express myself once more Tony. You’re a good man Charlie Brown. And remember, you can only find the Doomsday Jesus, Lord of the Apocalypse, and the Savage God King at the Sanctuary. Bless you my children.

***Hopefully you enjoyed this interview and learned some new and interesting things about Ahtu Najeeb. I would like to personally thank Ahtu for taking the time to share with me his stories once again so I could share them with all of you. For more information you can follow Ahtu Najeeb on Facebook (under his name), Twitter @MONSTERAHTU and Instagram @thedoomsdayjesus.

***For over the top in ring action you can find Ahtu laying it all out on the line for the Sanctuary. You can watch this heart stopping action on their YouTube channel sanctuaryPAtv with Livestreams of every Sunday night event for FREE.

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