“Exclusive” Indy Circuit Spotlight: Catching Up With Deonna Purrazzo


Deonna Purrazzo is an exciting female wrestler based out of New Jersey. The Rip Rogers product has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in ECWA and all around the indie circuit. Getting her training from the D2W wrestling academy from men like TNA star Robbie E, she’s grown quite the repertoire of technical ability since her debut.

On her way to excellence, she’s already worked for WWE as an extra, had a match against Brooke Tessmacher at the TNA Knockouts One Night Only PPV, shared the ROH ring with Mandy Leon and most recently competed on NXT. Traveling and wrestling in places like Old Time Wrestling, ECWA, ECPW, and numerous other promotions she’s gotten respect from fans and peers alike for her amazing work ethic and positive attitude.

We originally spoke to her earlier in the year and learned a lot about her background and story. She has graciously accepted my invitation to come back on to participate in my “Catching Up” segment and elaborate more on her career.

Since we last spoke congratulations are in order as you have been on ROH and NXT. How did those opportunities come up and how did they work out?

I was contacted by Ring of Honor and NXT/WWE, respectively to be talent on their shows. Luckily, Ring of Honor is in the works of starting a “rebirth” to say, of the Women of Honor and wanted to bring Mandy and myself in to kick it off in July. I since, have been to the ROH Dojo to work out and am hoping to be back to ROH soon.

What would you say makes you unique within the women’s division?

I think what makes me unique within Women’s Wrestling is my training. I am super old school and technically trained and I like to have matches that look intense and competitive but not work hard and kill myself in the process. Work Smarter, not harder!

Who would you say is your biggest rival?

I suppose, right now I don’t have a biggest rival. Earlier in the year it was Debbie Kane as we met everywhere but as of right now, I am pretty much meeting opponents for the first time in each promotion. I have competed against Mandy Leon numerous times, as well as Brittany Blake, and Miranda Vionett so maybe those 3!

Was there ever a time along your journey when you thought wrestling would never amount to anything but a dream?

As I kid, I dreamed of being a professional wrestler and I always saw myself being successful. There’s that saying that people use, “if I told my younger self, I would be doing it, they wouldn’t believe me”… but for me, I would. I give 110% into everything I’ve ever done and I think in a way all the sports and training I did when I was younger was to prep me for what I wanted to spend my life doing… and I am doing just that.

Were there any obstacles on your journey to the ring? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them?

Luckily, I have had no major setbacks when it comes to wrestling besides typical aches and pains!

What are your thoughts about the Diva Revolution in the WWE?

I grew up in the Era of the bra and panties matches and playboy pillow fights, etc. So for me, to see Divas or women’s wrestlers brought to the forefront is amazing for me. I can realize empathize with the story Sasha vs. Bayley told while in NXT and I cannot wait to see where all of this positive feedback can lead women’s wrestling.

How do you think the product of women’s wrestling has evolved over the last several years?

Like I said, my Era as a fan did not showcase much wrestling for the women. And over the last few years I think that we’ve been introduced to some really amazing women and their talents are just being shown. I really think with more and more up and comers, like myself the sky is the limit.

Do you think the division could use Deonna Purrazzo? If so, who would you pick to be your debut opponent?

I absolutely think that the division needs some Deonna! If I had to pick and I know this may not be possible, I would love to wrestle Sara Del Ray.

What is something your wrestling fans wouldn’t believe about you if you told them?

Fans may not believe it by my dancing at the gym periscopes BUT I really can dance!!!

What are some things you enjoy outside of the ring? Do you have a favorite movie, book or band?

Outside of the ring, I am a big history buff. I love watching old western movies and reading the history behind them. I have an almost 3 year old nephew, so I love watching him grow right now. I am a country music fan, I LOVE Blake Shelton.

Lastly, if one of your fans came up to you and said they want to be a professional wrestler, what would your response be?

I would tell them to never give up, go to school, and learn. Believe in the possibility of impossible and never let anyone tell you no!

***Hopefully you enjoyed this interview and learned some new and interesting things about The Young Prodigy Deonna Purrazzo. I would like to personally thank Deonna for taking the time to share with me her stories so I could share them with all of you.

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