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For Jordynne Grace, the age of 15 meant an introduction into the world of professional wrestling as an in ring trainee and it started her journey to wrestling in several different states, as well as other countries in just a few short years.

Living close to the Mexican border, Jordynne was given the opportunity to train with the women’s group, Lucha Libre Femenil south of the border. At the age of just 16, Jordynne made her debut in Mexico and has even returned since then for a few extended tours with the promotion.


A bright student, Grace was able to graduate at 16 and wanted to compete as much as possible so she relocated to St. Louis as a part of a group that wanted to further their wrestling skills. In 2014, she began to make a name for herself using an athletic and strength based style, and since that time has been afforded opportunities with some of the more well-known independent groups. Combat Zone Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, Beyond Wrestling, and dozens of others have all been added to her resume, as she has become one of the most anticipated rising talents on the independent scene.

At 19, the prime of her career is still ahead for the highly touted young prospect that has wrestled in many states and internationally in just a few years. One thing is for sure, with her work ethic and determination, she is well on her way to succeeding on a major stage.

By following the Independent Circuit and reading about the wrestlers and their storied careers, I am able to catch up with some of them and conduct an interview from time to time, which allows them to share with us their story. Recently I was able to catch up with Jordynne and she was gracious enough to put a halt to her busy schedule to discuss his career, future, and accomplishments. This is what she had to say.

* When did your pro wrestling career begin?

When I was 14, which I believe was in 2011/2012. In Austin, Texas – my hometown, at a local promotion called TCW.

* What federations have you worked for along the way?

ACW in Austin, LLF in Monterrey, AAW in Chicago, Beyond in St. Louis (Sleeper Cell addition), Freelance Pro Wrestling in Chicago, LCW in Lancaster, PA. The list goes on.

* How could you explain the life on an independent wrestler?

I don’t wrestle “full time” like some… I’m not contracted anywhere so I’m not on the road 24/7, but when I am it sucks and it’s not really fun. The first couple of years I remember it being fun, but after I while I think you start to miss your family and you’ve been to so many places that going to ANOTHER one just loses its appeal. The next step for me has to be overseas, that will get my blood flowing again.

* While being a champion, how does your role change within the promotion your represent?

Honestly the only thing that changes is that you need to be more reliable. You sometimes have to go to different events besides the actual show – autograph signings, radio interview, podcasts, etc. There’s just a little bit of added responsibility.

* Do you pay attention to other federations or follow other wrestlers?

Yes. I vaguely follow Beyond, CZW, WSU… and pretty much whatever else pops up onto my Twitter newsfeed. Ah and ROH, as my guy (Gresham) has begun working there more consistently lately.

* What are your thoughts on the current status of Women’s Wrestling?

I think that while it’s in the spotlight a bit more now, most people still look down upon it – even if it is subconsciously. There’s a standard people put on women’s wrestling that isn’t on the men’s. So if you’re above the “perceived standard” in any match you have as a female wrestler – the match is automatically “good”.

* What is your most memorable match?

My most memorable match was probably in a tag match against the Hooligans at Beyond. It was a taping, but the views the match got on YouTube were astronomical.

* What needs to be accomplished in your eyes to be able to look back and call your career a success when it’s all over?

I need to be contracted somewhere…or at least making waves in a “bigger” promotion. I imagine I’ll have finished a long feud, lose a “Loser Leaves Town” match, and that will be that.

***Hopefully you enjoyed this interview and learned some new and interesting things about Jordynne Grace. The world of wrestling is a demanding business and the time set aside to do this interview should not be underestimated. I would like to personally thank Jordynne for taking the time to share with me her stories so I could share them with all of you. Her time is greatly appreciated…..

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