*Exclusive* Indy Circuit Spotlight…”The Wounded Owl,” LuFisto


* Were there any obstacles on your journey to the ring? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them?

Back then, I was often the only girl on the shows. Therefore, most promoters wanted me to be a manager. I wanted to be a wrestler. So I butted head with many people along the way to be treated as an equal, a wrestler, not just a piece of meat, the girl that goes to the ring with a man wrestler and whatnot. I had to wrestle guys and some of them were not happy. I got beat and stretch pretty bad but I would always fight back. I would get back up. Every match was about to prove that I belong in there. I even fought the government of Ontario, Canada who wouldn’t let girls fight guys.


How did I overcome all this? I don’t know. It took a toll on me physically and mentally.  I just wouldn’t accept to be restricted because I’m a woman. I fought for my beliefs, any way I could. 

* What are your thoughts on the current status of Women’s Wrestling and how it has been growing?

Today, women’s wrestling is a trend. It is cool to be a female wrestler. Promoters have also noticed that there are hardcore fans of it so they will make room for it on their card, even featuring the women matches in top spots. A lot of women that have worked hard on the Indy Circuit are getting recruited by the big leagues and it is wonderful. Women’s wrestling is in a very good place right now.

The only thing that still needs work is its standards. An older male wrestler will be seen as experienced and being a ring general… An older woman wrestler will be seen as “old and passed her prime.” Several males over 30 are having tryouts and getting hired… Women, if you are passed 30 and you don’t have someone pushing for you, you won’t be very lucky.

* What would be your dream match? 

At this point, I just wish a major promotion would give me a shot, take a chance on me.

* What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in the sport of professional wrestling?

I stood up against everybody who told me I couldn’t do something because I am a woman. I fought for women’s rights in wrestling with the other few women that were there when no one believed in us. Today, it is much easier to be a woman wrestler. People say the women’s revolution is recent when it is not. I was built throughout the hard work of the women on the Indy Circuit. I’d like to think that I’m one of those.

* What is your most memorable match and who has been your toughest opponent to date?

There are several matches that were memorable to me, like wrestling my idols like Jazz and Ayako Hamada. The most recent thought would be my last match against Kimber Lee before she left for NXT. It was quite emotional.

Toughest opponent? Definitely the Necro Butcher.

* Who are/were some your favorite wrestlers and why?

Favorite wrestler growing up… Undertaker, Bull Nakano, Akira Hokuto, Owen Hart and Chris Benoit. Taker for his amazing presence, Bull for her skills and power and Hokuto because she was fearless. Owen because of his wrestling skills and he was so entertaining.  Benoit for his intensity and technical abilities.

Today, I would say my favorite is Chris Jericho. He is a master at what he does. He makes everybody look like a million bucks. He is skilled and entertaining and such an amazing heel. I’m never bored watching him.

* Who is LuFisto off script?

I’m a loner who likes to keep to myself. I am very protective of my private life too. I keep my circle of friends small and close. I have two degrees in multimedia and graphic design so I spend a lot of time on the computer as I love to create stuff, wrestling related or not. Heavy Metal is what I love the most in life, Iron Maiden being my favorite band of all time. Before wrestling, I was in a band where I played bass and was also the signer. I recently bought myself a bass so I could play again.  

I’m also confident about what I can do but very insecure as well. I am my worst enemy as my brain never stops thinking, even over-thinking. 

* How did it feel to become the Champion at Shine 40?

It felt rewarding that the company would trust me to hold their title. I am extremely grateful that they took a chance on me and, after being a baby face for so long, they decided to use me as a heel. It is definitely a breath of fresh air and challenging. 

* What is the C4 Stable all about? How did you become a member?

I could describe C4 as being “The Forgotten Ones”. Four girls that felt that Shine was not giving them a fair shot got together to create chaos. We might have lost a member already but now that I am the Shine Champion, nothing will stop us.

 * What needs to be accomplished in your eyes to be able to look back and call your career a success when it’s all over?

I won’t be satisfied until someone gives me a fair shot at performing in a major company. I have worked so hard and sacrificed everything. Right now, the phrase “hard work pays off” is a lie to me. I hope it changes before I have no other choice but to retire. With that being said, being involved as a trainer, an in-ring guide like being a referee or helping the young generation as an agent would also qualify as being successful to me. All aspects and roles you can fill in a wrestling promotion interest me.  

***Hopefully you enjoyed this interview and learned some new and interesting things about LuFisto. The world of wrestling is a demanding business and the time set aside to do this interview should not be underestimated. I would like to personally thank LuFisto for taking the time to share with me her stories so I could share them with all of you. Her time is greatly appreciated….. 



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