Raw Expectations 04/01/19: WrestleMania Road, Take Me Home


Finally, we should expect to see Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley and his Mania challenger Finn Balor hype their encounter. Balor won his rematch last Monday in underdog circumstances, and seems set to reclaim the IC strap in similar fashion. Almost mirroring the Universal title story, they’ll need to keep Lashley looking dominant tonight while at the same time giving fans a reason to believe in Finn. Whatever happens, there’s no doubt we can expect to see that million-dollar grin on Balor’s face at some point tonight.

The Last Slice

It’s not been the Road to WrestleMania we’re used to, but I’m starting to wonder if maybe that’s okay. I haven’t felt compelled too much one way or the other for most of the card, yet now we’re in Countdown Week, I can’t help but be WrestleMania excited. I expect, and hope-beyond-hope, that tonight’s show will do its primary job of sending us into Sunday full of anticipation. On a scale of one to five, with five being, “It’s WrestleMania Week!” and one being, “I’ve got surgery scheduled for Sunday,” expect tonight’s Raw to rate a three.

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