Extreme Rules 2018 Preview and Match Predictions


Alexa Bliss (C) vs. Nia Jax – RAW Women’s Championship (Extreme Rules Match)

I think I’ve had enough fat-shaming in a feud for one year, haven’t you?

I don’t know why, but a match involving Alexa Bliss and kendo sticks brings back bad memories. Anyone else? This feud has been all sorts of confusing, from who the face and the heel are supposed to be and the transitions in character from week after week. I was hoping this fat-shaming feud would end after Backlash, but instead, the feud was elongated due to Alexa Bliss’ shocking RAW Women’s Title win at Money In The Bank. Ronda Rousey’s suspension all but ensures that she’s coming back for Alexa, so I don’t see a scenario in which Nia Jax wins unless they want to do a three-way between the ladies. However, a singles match between Rousey and Bliss probably makes more sense anyway. I don’t know how Alexa will do it because she doesn’t have a believable offense that can ground Nia on her own, but she’s going to walk in as RAW Women’s Champion and walk out the same way she came.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Matt Hardy (C) and Bray Wyatt (C) vs. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas – RAW Tag Team Championship

Very repetitive feud.

I gave this feud a try, and while I haven’t been disappointed per say, I just don’t feel anything. The reason why I don’t feel anything about this match is that not only has the booking of this match has been variations of the same thing week after week, this feud is more about making us get programmed to react to these two tag teams as opposed to caring about the tag titles. WWE has also made it a point of emphasis to build up the “undefeated” record of the B Team as a tag team both as a duo and as singles competitors. So the question here is whether or not WWE permits the undefeated streak to continue or to stop it here. Honestly, the B team feels more like a “flavor of the month” type of deal as opposed to a serious contender. It’s one thing to give them some “slip of the banana peel” type victories to keep them undefeated for about a month, but when it comes to actually being champions, do you buy it? I’m not convinced. And no matter how many singles matches Hardy loses will change my mind.

Winners: The Deleters of Worlds

Finn Balor vs. Constable Baron Corbin

This is so, so bad.

I’ll admit that I like the change in character for Baron Corbin, but this feud is literally the most random thing ever. I always have a saying that if you could settle a beef with a RAW match without it hurting the importance of the feud, it probably shouldn’t be on PPV. From my understanding, Finn didn’t like the way Corbin was performing in his new area, Corbin called Finn short and sang a horrible rendition of “Itsy, Bitsy, Spider”. I’m slowly starting to believe Finn can’t amount to anything special if his Demon gimmick isn’t a central part of his character. Otherwise, he’s a guy in tights with abs, a black leather jacket, a big smile and nothing more. I’m not looking forward to this, and I’m hoping they don’t make this longer than it has to be. Just give Finn the win in a quick sprint and call it a day.

Winner: Finn Balor

Dolph Ziggler (C) vs. Seth Rollins – Intercontinental Championship (30 Minute Iron Man Match)

Let’s cross our fingers for a great outing.

We should all naturally expect this to be the match of the night, and I’m expecting nothing less than a barnburner. Seth Rollins’ loss came as a shock to everyone, considering that he brought the Intercontinental Championship to great heights, and he abruptly lost it just as Rollins’ reign was about to heat up. Putting the title on Ziggler is an intriguing choice, but he’s a six time IC champion, so he knows what he’s doing. If there’s one superstar on the roster that Rollins has always maintained a great chemistry with, it’s Dolph Ziggler. Their two styles just naturally coincide with each other and forces each superstar to ascend to new heights. I can’t help but feel that the match might have been already somewhat spoiled because not only have we seen these two face off for the title twice in the past four weeks, but the latter of the two matches was just over 27 minutes, which is almost the amount of time that they will face off this Sunday. That said, if there’s any pair that I wouldn’t mind watching face off with each other over and over again, it’s these two.

Dolph’s partner in crime, Drew McyIntyre, won a match against Seth this past Sunday ensuring that he won’t be banned from ringside at Extreme Rules and will be free to interfere and make his presence felt in the match for as long as he pleases. Theoretically, this gives Ziggler the edge and a monumental advantage, since Drew has been the cause of each of Seth’s defeats to Ziggler in the past month. With no one in Seth’s corner and Dolph with the situational advantage, Seth is either going to have to be more super-human and find a way to get past Drew’s interference. There was an idea thrown around on the Internet that perhaps Dean Ambrose may be returning from his injury to help his former Shield brother to help him overcome Drew’s impact. However, that may not be a feasible situation considering that Dean has been rumored to not return before Summerslam.

The bottom line is Seth is the better Intercontinental Champion, and for me, I’m not sure what long-term plans WWE would possibly have with Dolph. Seth teased that there may be some internal dissension between the duo, suggesting that Drew is nothing more than Dolph’s muscle and nothing more. Perhaps they may tease that this Sunday. I don’t know if Seth is going to just fall short of getting a win as time expires or if the two are going to have to go to sudden death, but whether or not Seth wins here could determine if he moves onto the Universal Title picture. This is honestly a toss-up if I ever saw it, but I’ll give the slightest of edges to Rollins, since he’s the one that doesn’t have the momentum.

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