Extreme Rules results and review!


Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger

Well, what can you say, a perfectly acceptable wrestling match, with Cesaro putting nothing but great effort to this match. Rob Van Dam had some of his spots put on the match with the trash can. Great memories. Jack Swagger frankly was boring as hell to me, he clearly added nothing to that match. One thing that bothered me is that this feud was meant to be between Swagger and Cesaro. RVD eliminating Swagger kinda takes everything away from the purpose of the feud, but I guess this is once again the WWE giving the ‘marks’ what they wanted to see.

Winner: Cesaro.

We see Stephanie McMahon telling Daniel Bryan that she can’t control Kane, and that Daniel Bryanw as wearing a neckbrace, and that she is ‘afraid’ for Bryan and Bree. Stephanie is boring as hell. I don’t care how many times she appears, she’s annoying, and just plain retarded. Daniel Bryan says that he will walk in and walk out as the WWE Champion.

So now Rusev resides in Russia, eh? Why, because JBL made a mistake one night on commentary claiming he was Russian? Way to go, WWE. Seriously, way to go… pfft…

Oh, and can someone sut this blonde woman up? Her Russian is not even Russian. She speaks some mixed gibberish.

Rusev vs. Xavier Woods and R-Truth

What can I say?! Pointless match, that proves that Rusev is probably the new Goldberg. Nothing else. I’m not impressed by him one bit, because I’ve seen those characters come and go. Kozlov was the same way, and he flopped, why should I care about Rusev?

Winner: Rusev. Cause Russia beats America. Muhahahahahahahaha! (Sarcasm…)

Here we see Evolution. Triple H says that the Shield thinks that Evolution has egoes. And Triple H says that 31 World Championships between the whole three of them, and that there are egos, and that they are well deserved. Randy Orton says that the Shield will perish.

Intercontinental Title Match: Big E. Langston… Oh, sorry… Big E. vs. Bad News Barrett

Wade Barrett starts off with some Bad News. I really don’t care. The match itself was an ok match. Once again Wade Barrett proves why he is a great brawler in the ring, and to me he is one of the best brawlers in wrestling today. Big E was never impressive as a Intercontinental Champion. He was boring, and his only highlight was the bowling holes comment about Rusev and his valet.

Winner: Wade Barrett, because BOOM!!!! BA-BA-BA Boom!

The Shield vs. Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista)

Great match, but Batista was weak as hell. He barely did anything in the ring. He tags himself in, gives a clothesline and gets back into the ring. Well, what do you expect of a 45 year old dude, who still believes his own hype.

It was a match that served to put over Roman Reigns, and we saw that clearly, because Roman Reigns was mostly knocked out, and the rest of the crew was taking a beating. Ambrose is awesome. The way he just jumps on people is hilarious and exciting at the same time. The ending was well put, and Roman Reigns got the knock out power on Batista. Roman Reigns is the enxt top star, no one can deny that.

Winners: The Shield. because you believe in the Shield.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Probably the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while, the ending was just shocking and awesome. Way to put over Bray Wyatt and make him look stronger, regardless of the loss at WrestleMania. The thing with the kid was creepy as hell, but it was awesome. Bray Wyatt’s eyes told a great story after he hit the Sister Abigail on John Cena. That was a great moment.

Winner: Bray Wyatt, because he got the whole world in his hands.

WWE Divas Championship: Paige vs. Tamina

Okay, I guess.

Winner: Paige, because she’s… Paige.

WWE World Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. ‘The NOT So Scary Monster’ Kane

The only great spot of the match was the flaming table spot. Boy is that been a while since we seen a flaming talbe in the WWE, eh? But he pretty blatantly pour the gasoline on the sides of the table, which ruined the effect of it, but once again it’s a flaming table, so I give it a pass.

Winner: Daniel Bryan, because Yes! Yes! Yes!

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