Factions are the way forward. Part 1


hey guys another post here from K.P. and just to warn you in advance I got a bit carried away and this really felt like a long one.

I’ve recently seen a post here about a new possible Nation of Domination and although I’m not overly keen on that particular idea I do like the idea of new factions forming.

Ideally I’d like to see a minimum of 2 maybe 3 new factions form. I particularly like the idea of putting different groups of people together e.g. Having an all American faction or an all European faction. 

I myself am from England with a strong Irish heritage and I would love to see the emergence of an all European group. I would have the group lead by Barrett with sheamus and Cesaro as his wing men. I’d have some of the latest new arrivals Adrien Neville and Rusev in there as well and this could be their fast track to the main event scene. I’d also like to see them breathe new life into the character or Drew Mcintyre and he could be te wildcard of the group. He has a lot of potential and adding him to an actually legitimate faction instead of putting him in a group with no direction like 3MB is the best way foward. It could reignite his career. 

The talent on these men is immense. We’ve seen the emergence of talents like Cesaro, the rebirth of BNBBad News Barrett and Sheamus is someone of whom i rate highly. Alike Barrett he has come into gold and it appears that he could  hold the belt for some time. The Bulgarian Brute Rusev accompanied by the luscious Lana appears ready to take the WWE by storm and i can’t think of a better way to guide him to the top than to put him with solid experienced guys. Mcintyre needs new life and could even be rebranded as Luke Gallows. Personally i can’t see the point in holding back Adrien Nveille and i think the WWE would be well justified in pushing him streight into the spotlight. He’s already the NXT champion and he’s already proving himself and for the love of God, I hope the WWE doesn’t hold him back.

Barrett is destined for good things and we’ve seen him lead two factions already so having him lead wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever. Sheamus is a former world champion and a current U.S. champion expecting a hell turn. The majority of live events are shot in the U.S.A so having Sheamus turn his back on the people of America and rebranding the U.S title the European title would be a great way to draw heat. Rusev is an absolute beast and I can see the company sending him along way so a strong run with the top guys who appear to be heading back to the main event in Sheamus and Barrett isn’t going to a bad thing as long as he doesn’t part with Lana anyway. When the group edge naturally parts he’ll still need her as his mouth piece if the character is to be legitimised

The only hinderance for Cesaro joining this particular faction is the current feud with Sheamus, the fact that the WWE could be hot on a face turn for him and the fact that he’s managed by non-European Paul Heyan. This could work in the favour of Cesaro however as he could turn on Heyman at Payback then join forces with Sheamus. They wouldn’t have to be seen working as a team straight away but it would just have to be made obvious that a friendship exists. 

The turn on Heyman could see the return of Lesnar and it could be the opener for their feud to begin and lead to an initial face turn for Cesaro before he defeats Lesnar. Although this would more than likely put Cesaro massively over as let’s face it since the streak was ended, everybody hates Lesnar. This would be Cesaro’s way of announcing himself to the main event. They could then have Cesaro decide he’s to big for the WWE universe and state that he’s here to coquer. Cue the entrance music and out come Cesaro’s new team mates. They declare themselves the future stars of the company and call themselves the European Union (if you can think of a better name please leave it in the comments section). 

All of this could take place at arguably WWE’s second biggest pay per view Summerslam as this is when we’re next likely to see Lesnar  compete. It would guarantee a lot of coverage and heat being generated and this could be where the European title is reintroduced and Neville makes the move to the big time. It could also lead to the rebranding of Drew McIntyre as Drew Gallows what he was know as pre WWE. I’d ado wait till this time as I’d have Cesaro win the money in the bank which makes him the future champion of the grouop. Although it’d make it appear Cesaro was leader I’d still have Barrett lead as he’s the best on the mic. It could also mean that Cesaro cashes in the briefcase on Barrett who would have used his pals to gain the championship and ironically it would be one or even maybe more of them that took it off him.

I’m aware this is aka very long blog and there’s more I could say but I have already wrote way to much and I don’t want to bore anyone if I haven’t already. Anyway for those that have lasted the duration comments and opinions will be appreciated and there may be a part 2. This would include what I feel would be done with Neville, Rusev and Gallows after the group disbands. It will also include a diva of who I think would be a perfect fit for the group though I’m sure you can all work out who that is for yourselves. You know what, I might even introduce a series about factions I think we could see in the future. I know this isn’t something that we’re likely to see our telly’s anytime soon but it does hopefully illustrate the potential of the WWE product. Anyway, Thanks for reading! 

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