Factions are the way forward! Part 3


Hey guys part 3 here. After previous talking about the formation of a European faction in a previous article I’d like to talk about a different faction I’d like to see form.

On a community post I’ve seen a suggestion that the WWE should recreate the legendary four horsemen with Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Ryback and Curtis Axel. I do like the idea of a faction featuring guys that have almost been pushed out of the main event scene forming but I don’t agree with them using the name of the four horsemen. The four horsemen shouldn’t be recreated with different members so a different name would be required.


I do like the members that they have included but I wouldn’t include Axel in the group. I feel this group needs to be a face faction as the only current face faction is the Shield and I don’t think Axel would work as a face. I would also be worried about the Miz but as Ziggler works effectively as a face even with the show off gimmick I don’t think it’d a problem for the Miz. I know that he’d worked as a face previously but he worked a lot better as a heel.

I know that Ryback is also currently working in a heel gimmick as part of Rybaxel but when he was working as a face with the feed me more gimmick he was massively over. The team seems to be going nowhere as of late it looked like they were going to get a real genuine feud with the Uso’s but that just faded out as they progressed to work alongside John Cena against the Wyatt family. I think the team need to split and then feud with one another with Ryback coming out as the face and maybe even reintroducing the feed me more gimmick. I’m not a fan of reintroducing gimmicks but I feel that it’s the best way to put Ryback over again

Dolph Ziggler is a brilliant worker on both the mic and in the ring and at this moment the WWE don’t seem keen on pushing him right to the top and I feel he has the potential to work at the top. We’ve seen him work at the top level before and this group could project him back into the main event scene and hopefully cement his position there. I’d love to see him feud with Daniel Bryan at some point as I believe the matches would be unreal. If Punk returned the matches they could lay on would be excellent.

There are many underrated superstars on the roster and one of them could replace Axel I’m the group. I think that Jack Swagger is being buried by his association with Zeb Colter as Zeb is the man getting all the mic time and Swagger who also happens to be a former world champion needs to break away. Admittedly I can’t recall Swagger ever working as a face but If he broke from Colter by hitting him with a gut wrench power bomb in the middle of the ring, I could see Swagger getting an instant pop. There’s that much hate on Colter that a break from him could turn Swagger instantly face. Alternatively you could include Del Rio as he seems to be doing nothing of interest as of late and needs a reboot but I can’t really see him working In this particular group.

Alternatively, I’d suggest having a main event superstar leading the faction. There’s two people I can think of and this is John Cena and Daniel Bryan. The reason for Bryan is he could use them to fight against the authority of triple H and and Evolution. I think this is a bad idea though to be honest. Daniel Bryan doesn’t need the backing of a group as he needs to be one mean against the authority. John Cena on the other hand is in need of a massive revamp. There seems to be no chance that the company will turn Cena heel so allowing him to lead a group will give his character the new lease of life which it desperately requires.

I do think this faction would work and would go down well with the fans as the Miz hasn’t been relevant for a while now which is a shame considering that he headlined Wrestlemania just 3 years ago. Ryback hasn’t been the same since his heel turn and a face turn is desperately required to make his character work again. Ziggler just needs something to push him back into the main event and Cena needs to change the stale character. He’ll never turn heel due to merchandise sales but this seems to be the most logical way to improve Cena’s character. Anyway thanks for reading!

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