Falling From Grace


Why is it that so many times there are wrestlers who seem to
be so on their game that they are virtually on the cusp of becoming main event
players only to have them suddenly plummet from our view and fall into near

It cant be that everyone suddenly hates them so the company
decides to drop the ball on them and de-push them. So why is it when we love
these guys and gals with our very core do they suddenly disappear never to be
heard from again?

WWE often stop giving the positive nod to up and comers not
due to the talent of the performer, because as in many cases such as Dolph
Ziggler, ADR and Ryback these men were very over and on their way to major
pushes. Dolph cashing in was one of the more memorable moments in the last
couple of years. ADR won the largest Royal Rumble ever (even though it was
crappy) and Ryback was on route to being the next big thing. So why suddenly don’t
we see them anymore or very little?

I would imagine that with any regular job if you work hard
and excel at your job eventually someone will notice and begin your promotion
(push). However and this is my theory alone, is that if you suddenly start
beeping your own horn about how great you are and believing your own hype that
no employer would continue to promote you.

This is where I think that many of these superstars have had
their push pulled from them. Yes I believe everything goes in cycles however
you cant always be the main event , unless of course you are John Cena or Hulk
Hogan. These two men are the exception that breaks the rule, but I  believe there is more behind the scenes in
those two scenarios.

When you watch men like Daniel Bryan, John Cena ,CM Punk and
Undertaker, you can understand why they receive pushes because they are hard
workers. Guys like Brock , The Shield and the Wyatts are more shock value for
their pushes. But so many guys get pushes based on other factors and I don’t neccesarily
believe they deserve them and in the end this is why they fade. I think that
when Zack Ryder began pushing himself on the internet he was an in the moment
sensation. Once they began looking at his character the machine realized he had
limited potential.

Dolph Ziggler, while extremely talented was injury prone and
had a very arrogant attitude behind the scenes. I hear that ADR is the same
way. And when these men weren’t pushed how they wanted they sulked and were
depushed. Ryback was so heavily hyped but when he showed sloppiness in the ring
and people got hurt they went back to the drawing board.

So where do you draw the line? Yes you might be over, yes
you might be talented, yes you might be great on the mic/ great charisma. BUT. You
hurt people in the ring for real, you are a crybaby or believe your own hype,
you are injury prone. These are not qualities that a company , any company
would put up with. So when we don’t see the Zack Ryders or the Dolph Zigglers
ask yourself why are they not around anymore? Are their pushes past their peak
or maybe the company just doesn’t believe in them anymore due to self sabotage.

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