Fantasy Booking WWE Money in the Bank 2020: Tag Team Ladder Matches


Continuing on with this year’s fantasy booking for extra Money in the Bank briefcases, let’s focus on the question “What if the tag team division had a ladder match?”

There aren’t enough superstars left to pick from to make a women’s division match here, nor can I use teams from NXT UK. However, there’s still enough to go around for one from NXT and one using the Raw and SmackDown rosters.

I’m also sticking to this year’s idea of six competitors, which means six tag teams in this scenario.

With that in mind, I hereby present to you my breakdown of how I personally think this would go down, and I invite you to do the same in the comments below!

Let’s get started with the NXT group.

NXT Tag Teams – List of Competitors

I really wish this could have included teams from NXT UK like Grizzled Young Veterans and Gallus. However, with travel restrictions in place, I’m limited to teams we’ve seen in the past weeks just from NXT itself.

Obviously, The BroserWeights are out of this, as they’re the champions.

  • The Undisputed ERA — Adam Cole is NXT champion and Kyle O’Reilly is MIA as he is diabetic and too at risk. This would be Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish.
  • Indus Sher — Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar of Bivens Enterprises. They’re the big guns.
  • Brit-Am Bruisers — Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch can hold down the fort and always put up a fight.
  • Imperium — Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner are a well-oiled machine and very underrated.
  • Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza — I’m playing around with this a bit. These two aren’t an official tag team right now, but they were both abducted by two masked men. I feel like they’ll be repackaged as a masked team soon enough.
  • Ever-Rise — Chase Parker and Matt Martel would not be in this match if we could include NXT UK groups, that’s for sure. They’re just not that high on the totem pole. However, we need another team to fill out the ranks.

With that being the field of competitors in the match, which one of them would more than likely walk out with the briefcase?

Winner and Plans

Indus Sher would be my pick in terms of logistics, but they can also lose this and not look weak, so I’ll opt out of their win. Ever-Rise has no chance. Wilde and Mendoza wouldn’t strike me as a briefcase team. It’s really up to the other three teams.

Undisputed ERA, Imperium and Lorcan/Burch all have great reasons to win.

It’d be nice to see Lorcan and Burch actually accomplish something and cash in almost immediately, declaring that they want to have a match the next week. They’re honorable and would love the fight, and I think they could have a killer match with Riddle and Thatcher.

Imperium makes a ton of sense. They’re cold and calculating and could be the next tag team champions. However, they shouldn’t be, which means they shouldn’t have this power and fail with it. Grizzled Young Veterans are better suited to hold these tag titles, while Imperium should win the NXT UK titles, when all that is able to happen.

Instead, I’m going with Strong and Fish. The Undisputed ERA are so beloved that they could cash-in at any time, on heels or faces, and fans would rejoice. They’re an easy and reliable backup plan if WWE would ever need some new tag team champions and it would only add to their legacy as a stable.

Raw and SmackDown Shirts Brand Split

Raw and SmackDown Tag Teams – List of Competitors

The Street Profits and The New Day are not in this, as they hold the titles. Also, you can count out AOP, as Rezar is injured.

  • Angel Garza and Austin Theory — While I think Garza works better alongside Andrade, I’m a fan of Theory, too. This duo has a lot of talent and there’s no reason not to include them.
  • The Viking Raiders — Erik and Ivar can be the power of this match.
  • Cedric Alexander and Ricochet — Alexander and Ricochet would likely be the ones making this match the most entertaining with their cruiserweight style.
  • Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura — Veterans who can be more brawlers, but still have a lot of flexibility in working with the lighter, more nimble wrestlers. Plus, we haven’t seen them go for the tag titles yet.
  • Lucha House Party — Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado can only be a worthwhile team as far as credibility goes if WWE actually pushes them for more than a week at a time. This could go a long way in establishing their status on the roster, even in a loss.
  • The Forgotten Sons — Blake and Cutler working most of the match, with Ryker on the outside to interfere.

I had to cut 4 teams from this list, which was actually somewhat hard. Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne was the easiest. They’re new and are still basically part of NXT. Heavy Machinery was #2 to go, as Otis is more of a singles competitor at the moment and focused on the Mandy Rose storyline.

Why did I cut The Usos and The Miz and John Morrison? They’re the biggest teams to put in this match, but I also feel like WWE never did the proper Triple Threat with them and The New Day. I’d rather save those teams from a ladder match scenario like this for SummerSlam, instead. So in this scenario, The Usos get beaten in a qualifier by The Forgotten Sons or Cesaro and Nakamura, while Lucha House Party beats Morrison and Miz, like we recently saw on SmackDown.

Winner and Plans

Money in the Bank works better as a heel gimmick, and it just so happens that both our tag team champions are babyfaces. Perfect.

That rules out Viking Raiders, Alexander and Ricochet, and Lucha House Party. I don’t think Garza and Theory should win, as they’ve already feuded with Street Profits.

Between Forgotten Sons and Cesaro/Nakamura, I’d go with the latter. We know Cesaro has a great friendship with The New Day and The Usos, and it seems like Nakamura could mesh well with them, too. I’d love to see that type of feud go down and holding the briefcase while Sami Zayn is intercontinental champion would give that stable even more reason to gloat.

Those are my thoughts on the issue, but how would you imagine WWE would do this if it were to happen? Tell us your fantasy booking scenario in the comments section below!

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