Fantasy Feud: Austin vs Punk (The Anti-Heroes)


This is Gripz (x2)

One of the most talked about dream feuds to have never happened was between CM Punk and Steve Austin.   

In Steve Austins era, he was the most popular and must see superstar to watch in the WWE. Steve Austin wasn’t your average face of the company baby face but more of a Anti-Hero we loved to watch. Regardless of him being not your typical good guy, it was better for him to be what he was as that character was better to relate with the public audience. Which was, a beer drinking wrestling employee who often would stick it to his boss and would generally say and do whatever he wanted. 

In CM Punks era, he has accomplished many memorable and great things. This includes his over year long WWE Championship reign; money in the banks wins; feuds with Cena, Rock and Brock. But no one can forget his July pipe bomb speech, which catapulted Punk in the long term to doing and achieving all the accomplishments mentioned (except winning MITB). The pipe bomb moment changed how we saw Punk forever, it brought us the rebellious anti-hero we instantly loved. 

CM Punk and Steve Austin were from different eras but similar in many ways. They both had great Mic skills and could hook a audience to what they would saying in their own unique way. But generally, they would embarrass and expose someone, then they would usually end it on the mic threatening to beat up or how they would be up that specific person. They weren’t just good on the mic but they both entertained us in-ring as well. Austin isn’t known for being a wrestling executioner but he is up there in entertainment level when in a all out action brawl fest, which would make sense due to his character. Punk on the other hand, in his own words claims to be the ‘Best Wrestler In The World’ and he isn’t far from it within the WWE. It is for certain with Austin and Punk, when they are in match you know you’ll be getting your moneys worth.  

I have gone through why these two individuals are great superstars but why does the typical WWE fan  eagerly want to see a match specifically between these two?  

As much as these two superstars are similar they do have a lot of differences as well. The biggest and most obvious one is CM Punk doesn’t drink nor does he take drugs while Steve Austin drinks as much as a bird flies! They both may be rebellious anti-heroes but CM Punk is more of a sophisticated character that often breaks the third wall and questions the WWE product, while Austin the majority of times uses violence to whoever may question him or to who he doesn’t like. If these two were to have a feud it would be a mighty clash of similar but different personality’s, to expand on that. They are similar characters as they are both rebellious type people but the way they may go about it is different, so this is what would make this a fascinating feud if they were up against one other.  

If I could book their feud this is how I would go about it.  

The Feud Of The Anti-Heroes  

I would book their match to be no where but of course the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania. Around two months before Wrestlemania, Austin makes a surprised appearance to kick start Raw. In his promo he would talk bad about these current superstars and say how it was more competitive in his era. He would also go on to say how he knows if he had stayed in the WWE he would have no doubt had easily stayed at the top. In ending his promo he would surprise the audience by telling them he was asked by the current GM of Raw to be referee for Raws main event, which would be Punk vs …. match. At the end of that Raw, Punk wins his match and celebrates with Austin. Austin hands Punk a beer but he refuses to take it so Austin stunners Punk to end Raw. The next week Punk talks about his stunner from Austin as well as the promo Austin made the week before. Punk reveals how he felt about what Austin said and concludes his speech by saying Austin is hogging the spot light even though he’s a retired wrestler. Punk also challenges Austin to come back next week. Its the next raw, Austin and Punk meet face to face and they battled each other on the mic. They have further confrontations on the mic that spanned out for further weeks until they agree the only way to solve their problem is to have a no rules match, in order to release their hatred for each other. Along the way until their big match there are a lot of brawls, which are stopped by a lot of WWE officials, referees and superstars in order to show glimpses of what the audience is in store for Wrestlemania between Punk and Austin. I would give Punk a hard earned victory at Wrestlemania, which ends in both men respecting each other with a handshake, only due to their vicious bloody battle.  

Could it actually happen? 

Right now, CM Punk is out of the WWE. We don’t actually know why he left but there have been many rumors why, some of them are because he was burnt out and needed a break. Others, because of his nagging injuries and his frustrations with the company. Also with the recent report of him being married to a pregnant or not AJ Lee, all these news if true contribute to how long or even if CM Punk will return back to the WWE. But, lets pretend CM Punk does return very soon or better yet never left in the first place, it takes two to make a feud. Is Austin willing to perform one more match? Austin had said in the past if the perfect situation presents itself it will be hard to pass of but what many people don’t realize is there are many negatives Austin had said why he wouldn’t return to the WWE. I won’t go through all of them but I believe the significant reason is due to him not wanting to have a build up and match which won’t live up to its hyped expectations. He had a great career, so why spoil it for a moment which was not worth the hype because of him not being at his best to deliver. 

At their best, if Austin and Punk were to have a feud, there is no doubt it would be legendary. They are both heavily loved from the WWE universe and it would be tough picking which superstar side to be on, but regardless of that, it will be moments which would be greatly enjoyed. It would be one of the greatest dream feuds to have happened, it would be a unique type of feud, the feud of the anti-heroes. 

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