Fastlane 2018 Preview and Match Predictions

What is WWE’s infatuation with multi-man matches lately?

What began as a simple triple-threat match has now doubled in size within the course of a month with many different agendas to look after. AJ Styles has the odds stacked him once again and if he wants his match with Nakamura, he’ll have to get past his biggest challenge to date. John Cena is looking for a “Road to WrestleMania” (he’s just actually looking for the main event Road to WrestleMania). Sami Zayn shocked Kevin Owens and seemingly has his own agenda for this Sunday after telling Owens he’d be willing to lay down for him, and KO may not know what to think now. Dolph Ziggler seeks to prove that he is one of the best WWE has to offer and to finally get a singles match at WrestleMania for the first time in his career, and Baron Corbin is, um….uh, tall. Yeah, he’s tall. And bald.

The only one in this match not named AJ Styles that has even a sliver of a chance walking out as champion is John Cena. There are conflicting reports of who his opponent will be, ranging from The Undertaker to Rey Mysterio, and there’s no clear confirmation of who it will be. I’m not putting it past WWE to give him the title and do a triple threat match, inserting him into the dream Styles/Nakamura match just for Vince to laugh at us all collectively because screw us. Zayn and Owens are too occupied with each other to go into WrestleMania as champion so neither of them will win. Corbin was just inserted in there because they needed another guy. Why Ziggler is in this match is anyone’s guess. He relinquished the US Championship, somehow got a spot in the Royal Rumble and barely lasted five minutes, and how is he dealt with? A shot at the WWE Title? And while I think John Cena may have a slight chance, he’s already beaten the champion in the match, and I can’t see him winning against AJ again for the title. While I think there is a slight chance of that happening, I honestly believe AJ/Nakamura is written in the stars for WrestleMania, giving the match fans have been clamoring for over a year now.

Winner: AJ Styles


Agree? Disagree? Let me know. Until next time.

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