John Cena and Bray Wyatt, WrestleMania 36
John Cena and Bray Wyatt, WrestleMania 36

Firefly Fun House: Cena & Wyatt At WrestleMania 36 Wasn’t A Match, It Was Art.


The psychological thriller between Bray Wyatt and John Cena at WrestleMania 36 examines the evil lurking inside the main event spotlight of being a WWE Superstar.

The incredible display of metaphor for John Cena’s rise and dominance in WWE from 2002 until 2020. Bray Wyatt and John Cena fight in an unorthodox match due to the nature of no crowd and not inside the Performance Center. But, though it was advertised as a Firefly Fun House Match, this wasn’t a match at all. It was art imitating life. Kayfabe is challenged here, but so is the emotional connection between fact and fiction. In a story that lasted over 15 minutes, Bray Wyatt let John in. Into a story that was 18 years in the making, hoping to once and for all, stop the ruthless and demonic uprising that is John Cena.

“Welcome to Wrestle… “

The thriller starts immediately as Cena’s difficulty adjusting in an entrance without a crowd is sort of awkward for all parties. Looking into the camera, Cena welcomes us to WrestleMania. But Bray has already taken control of John Cena. He has flipped the script, not allowing Cena to finish or have the upper hand. For much of his career, John has been the pinnacle of welcoming the fans to Wrestlemania with an entrance that sets the tone of his matches prior to hitting the ring. Not this time. Bray already has the upper hand, and he will take advantage.

The overuse of Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund in the opening package welcoming us to WrestleMania presents an early sense of anticipation, a suspension of what is about to happen. Using this as a mind game early, Bray is setting John Cena up for fear using positive reinforcement and fear of the known. From a fan perspective, you can not look away, you are being deceived, you are being controlled. Using images of history in a happy time, Bray uses this against us, turning us into a creature of an unknown future.

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Images from various WrestleMania events is to confuse and instill fear. When McMahon and Okerlund are shown saying “Wrestle” over and over, it isn’t just for effect. The tactic of overusing words is called Semantic Satiation. It’s devaluing the meaning and making it become irrelevant.

Is this a sign that WrestleMania isn’t what it once was? Who was at fault for the decline? Bray has now used history and repeated images to initiate his mind control on Cena and the WWE Universe. This is certainly going to be an adventurous ride.

Inside the Firefly Fun House

The huge smile and sadistic wave from Bray inside his funhouse isn’t meant to make you comfortable. It’s meant to keep you awake, preparing for the anticipation of fear. The film style here is called Neurocinematics. The ultra-use of emotional connections between the mind and experiences that are seen and heard. Bray isn’t waving to show he welcomes you. He is waving to take over the soul.

The demonic society

Bray speaks about a world beyond our comprehension. In his demonic mysticism, Bray is rising above the mundane approach to human society. This firefly house isn’t the world we see all the time; it’s a world beyond comprehension. The grotesque and demonic land we live in is masked in beauty – a world contrasting light and darkness.

“Our darkest urges are no longer kept secret.” You don’t need to believe or try to disprove. The fact is, the truth is out there, it’s no longer a secret. However, no matter how many times the truth is told, the believed normalcy always overshadows.

A world where good and evil are neighbors. Beyond the visually seen and heard, monsters and gods are all around us. It’s a world that is unrecognizable because it is not what we believe to be normal.

The dollar bill is the price of admission atop Mercy the Buzzard’s box. As it always is in life, in order to play, you must pay.

Bray has now drawn you into his world, he has manipulated your sense of emotion, and how he’s ready to take over. This neurological rollercoaster is about to begin.

Okay John, let’s take a deep look at who you really are.

The most dangerous opponent yet, yourself

Why would anyone want to open a door and go inside a room that abandons all hope? The writing on the wall door is a connection to Hell. That connection isn’t a place, it’s a sin. Which gate did John Cena take? Was it the sin of Greed? The sin of Wrath or Envy? Or maybe the devil’s most prominent trait, the sin of Pride?

John Cena has been the staple of professional wrestling for almost two decades. His stature and position in the company have been one that is superior among all others who worked as peers. His heart was about ego and pride, his soul was deceitful. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect defined the man but disputed everything he developed his character to be.

There is so much imagery that explains John Cena here. But, it shows we are all a demon of sin. It just so happened that John took his fate into the gates of Hell to fight himself. What a FUNHOUSE this has turned out to be.

Let him in

The darkroom isn’t a room at all. It is a subconscious world where John Cena is facing himself, literally and figuratively, in the shadows of his once self. All John hears is the rapid heartbeat, a possible sign of anxiety and unknown that is about to become.

The McMahon puppet with the devil overtone is done purposefully in describing not just Vince as demonic, but John Cena’s devotion to taking sin in order to reach heightened success at any cost. “Show me, or you’re FIRED“.

Does John Cena want to be at the top because he wanted to make millions? Or did he want to be at the top so he wouldn’t lose his job? The fear of losing is much more powerful than the excitement of winning, thus, the absolute sign that Cena is taking a sin of pride, greed, and wrath in order to not lose his job.

Ruthless Aggression was designed for John Cena

Who has what it takes … to have no compassion, no pity? Be merciless and cruel to all those around you. To take from others without any fear of consequence. Who will take the opportunity to, above all, think only of oneself on the path toward enlightened success?

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