John Cena and Bray Wyatt, WrestleMania 36
John Cena and Bray Wyatt, WrestleMania 36

Firefly Fun House: Cena & Wyatt At WrestleMania 36 Wasn’t A Match, It Was Art.


Was that a better way to describe Ruthless Aggression? Was that not what John Cena took in order to not lose his job? The fear was always in John Cena. Cena feared himself and took the deadly sins of the world in order to position himself as the one. McMahon chose Cena by instilling the ultimate fear. Bray is making John relive that.

John is being manipulated by Bray emotionally, and now, physically. Bray has transformed Cena into a 2002 shell of himself. He can’t do anything other than relive his historic ascent into the unknown.

Bray ducking the slap made famous by Cena against Kurt Angle on Smackdown in 2002 is showing Cena isn’t in control anymore. What he had in the past is no longer relevant or accepted here anymore. Cena is essentially losing his power.

“Whoa, John. I am literally living your biggest failure right now.” Can everyone now see that Cena can’t actually wrestle?

“Too Hot to Handle, too cold to hold”

Was Cena too dangerous for his own good? Has his ruthless aggression moniker become too much of an ego for John Cena to handle? Was John unable to transform into someone other than a self he got himself into? Who is Cena trying to imitate?

Or maybe he was just a fan of Bobby Brown and 80s music. Speaking of …

Saturday Night’s Main Event

We are taken back to a time when pro wrestling was at its peak. The likes of Hogan, Orndolf, Piper, Snuka, Bundy, are all heroes of John Cena growing up. He idolized the strong successful wrestlers of the past.

Enter Wyatt behind the big blue cage. Sporting a “You can’t hurt it” t-shirt, Wyatt dives into the rich but deadly secret of pro wrestling. “My tag team partner is such a physical specimen, you can’t help but worship him.

Wyatt continues to mock the world of professional wrestling saying that you can have little talent, but as long as you have the muscles, you are a stud. “The ladies love him, and the men want to be him.

The young John Cena looks to take this to heart, pumping iron non-stop in order to look and become his idols and be just as, if not more, successful. Cena is now entering the sin of envy.

But, the horror isn’t just for John Cena. Johnny Large Meat, portrayed by Cena is talking about WrestleMania, that no matter what is said about WrestleMania, people will still buy a ticket, people will still buy the PPV because its the sell sell sell mentality. Creating the need to see the big stars because that is where all the money and fame is.

Wyatt’s got Johnny Large pumping iron faster and without control. The emotional abuse is starting to turn into physical pain and suffering. But don’t you worry John, you will be a star if you keep pushing.

The pain inflicted by the overuse of weights is taking a toll on John. McBossman is shown saying to keep your hands up. Again, showing that instilling fear is of the absolute necessity for star power.

Bray points his finger at Cena, asking if his egomaniac has been running wild. Ruthless Aggression is really starting to pick up for Cena now. His ego is too big for him to fail.

Enter Word Life

As Cena is sent back to 2002 as the Doctor of Thuganomics, it’s apparent Wyatt is teasing the self-destruction of John Cena right before his eyes.

The fans love the doctor’s persona. This is the gimmick that gave the fans, and Cena his big erection… err, ego (“six-to-midnight”).

Bray is completely unphased during Cena’s rhyme zone in the ring. It’s getting cheers outside the ring, but not proving any wrestling talent inside the ring. Maybe Wyatt is trying to show us something?

Similar to an actual fight in the ring, the back and forth verbal abuse by both men from each segment is more like a psychological disaster. But Bray knows the outcome and he’s using Cena to be redefined by the public eye.

You’re not a hero, John. You’re a bully. A horrible person. You take the weakness of others and turn it into jokes.” Isn’t that what Ruthless Aggression was meant to be?

Cena entered the gates of Hell long ago. There’s no turning back now. Cena has reentered the sin of greed and sloth in order to get to the top at all costs and keeping others down for as long as necessary.

I was the color red in the world of black and white

Wyatt’s message that John Cena was the voice of the people, yet he never listened to the people. Cena refused to put over the person who, well, had the whole world in his hands. The powerful sin of wrath was close by. It was John Cena’s complete domination, while slowly destroying his own.

It’s time to rewrite my story.”

This is much more than just a video package. This was Bray Wyatt’s demonstration of the darker cloud that was once never seen until it closed all light from the sky above. John Cena didn’t see it at the time, but his actions caused much more harm than the good for the company.

Wyatt dancing in the ring as a metaphor for the wonderful performance in the ring at WrestleMania 30. Cena, now sporting a “You can’t stop me” and “Even stronger” tee, is handed a chair, just like their previous encounter. Wyatt is giving Cena the chance to fix his mistake. Was that the moment to turn John heel? Was that to put over Bray as the main babyface, where instead, he just buried the Wyatt character?

What if Cena did turn heel at WrestleMania 30?

We turn to an NWO/WCW-like package, where, instead of Hollywood Hogan, we have a Hollywood Cena. Twofold here, as Cena could have been the ultimate heel, like his idol Hogan. He also began his Hollywood stardom, something that would overtake his greed once more.

This is such good shit“.  No words to describe the beauty of having this line spoke by McBossman in the Fun House.

The turn that never was, Bray is showing what could have been. Or, is it showing that Cena was the one-man political NWO power in WWE? Cena was too much for even himself. Cena played the fans, but more importantly, he played himself.

The world may never know. But Bray seems to.

As Cena kept beating (and burying) everyone in his path, he forgot to notice the good around him. But unfortunately, he is too late. By the time he realizes what he had done and the effect on the business he had, the damage was done. Looking at his hands, he knew it was over. His time is up. John Cena’s time wasn’t now anymore.

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