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For Your Wrestling Fix: Pro Wrestling Streaming Services in 2020


We are a little more than 2 weeks away from WrestleMania 36. Having watched events with small crowds, no crowds, character highlight shows, and shows that could have been PPV worthy, yet not only on cable TV but without a crowd (looking at you AEW), this is tough. For being the biggest season of the year for wrestling fans, it’s certainly a different feeling.

For those of us fans who just can’t get away, who crave wrestling in some capacity, who need their “fix”, there are options out there.

Professional wrestling can be seen in so many ways. Most people wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’m sure most of you know of the big streaming services out there. With so much really awesome content online, there definitely seems to be something for everyone. For the majority of these streaming services, there is never any commitment and some have free trials. While this is not the exhaustive list of streaming services out there, I think just a few of these will keep you busy for a while.

Whether you are in the mood for nostalgia or new or from the early days to modern action. Each of these streaming services has a story to tell. Binge content to uncover hidden gems or relive a certain time period. Learn more about a wrestler’s journey (or their decline). With thousands of hours of content, even during a time when staying inside is more of a thing, and pro wrestling is, well, different, there is something interesting to go back and watch. Maybe you’ll just enjoy the content you may never have seen otherwise.

  1. WWE Network – $9.99/mo – www.wwe.com/network

    The most obvious of streaming services is WWE Network. For $10, you get access to content from WCW, ECW, AWA, Mid-South, Smokey Mountain and plenty of hidden gems to keep you occupied while at home.
    My pick: Since it’s WrestleMania season, binge all WrestleMania events. Bruce Prichard & Conrad Thompson do a great watch along from some events on their podcast “Something to Wrestle” that are entertaining, to say the least.

  2. IMPACT Plus – $7.99/mo – www.impactplus.tv

    There are two options for Impact Plus. You can purchase monthly for $8 or for a year at $72. It’s honestly not a bad deal, especially since they give you the first 30 days FREE. If you are into catching up on the progression of today’s stars, this would be my first service to check out. I like Impact Plus’s Indie and Classic Wrestling channels as well.
    My pick: Binge Rocky Mountain Pro Seasons 1-6 – Really good content there.

  3. OVW On Demand – $4.99/mo – www.ovwwrestlingnetwork.com

    OVW is currently run by Al Snow and located in Louisville, Kentucky. The once home to WWE’s developmental system has over 115 hours of original content. There is a 2-week free trial to get you started. You won’t get any classic content here, and it’s pretty much just a medium to watch the future stars of today. However, if you want to catch up on the newest talent out there, this is a great first start.
    My pick: Just give it a shot and watch OVW TV. Pick a show and watch.

  4. 3CW On Demand – $4.99/mo – www.3countwrestling.pivotshare.com

    Going back 15+ years and over 450 hours of content, 3 Count Wrestling features some of the biggest names of British wrestling. They too, just like OVW, offer a 2-week free trial so you can experience the content before paying up.
    My pick: Check out IGNITE Wrestling Presents Monsters Brawl from October of 2017.

  5. All Japan Pro Wrestling TV – 900 Yen or $8.00/mo – www.ajpw.tv

    All Japan has a decent collection of newer matches, shoot interviews and major events. You won’t see much from the 90s since that content is owned elsewhere, however, for under $10, it’s not a bad choice if you are into All Japan.

  6. CZW Studios – $9.99/mo – www.czwstudios.com

    Growing up in Philadelphia and in South Jersey, I was a big fan of CZW for many years. Just recently I took an interest in rewatching some of their shows online. Here, you have access to over 2700 hours of original content and plenty of compilations. If you aren’t a hardcore fan, no problem. There is a ton of indie promotions that are also shown on their network, including Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Fight Society, IGNITE Wrestling, and New South Championship Wrestling.
    My pick: Night of Infamy (2002).

  7. Dragon Gate Network – $15.00/mo – www.dragongate.live

    If you aren’t familiar with Dragon Gate, I’d suggest giving “Now Is a Good Time to Follow Dragon Gate” a read by Matthew Sarpraicone from right here on eWn. Lots of high flying, junior heavyweight style matches. Access to large events past and future, as well as other content from their large video library. Because of their newly formed partnership with MLW, you can expect fresh talent and a newfound interest in this fast-paced wrestling.

  8. Highspots Wrestling Network – $9.99/mo – www.highspotswrestlingnetwork.com

    This is a great collection of wrestling’s best indie promotions. With an INSANE 11,000+ hours of content to fulfill all your wrestling needs. Similar to CZW Studios, you can expect not just original content, but the best of the many indie wrestling from around the world. This is where you will also gain access to Kayfabe Commentaries, Gangrel’s Wrestling Asylum, The Kevin Steen Show, PWG, Smash Wrestling, and hundreds of Shoot Interviews. This is probably the best $10 you’ll spend if you want a full month of binging the best in shoot interviews.
    My pick: Jon Moxley Early Years (entire series)


  9. Monster Factory Pro Wrestling – $3.99/mo – www.themfnetwork.com

    From The World Famous Monster Factory in New Jersey, this is a network to see today’s ROH, NXT, WWE, Impact and NWA stars when they were just starting out. I’m a big fan of the Monster Factory, mainly because I live nearby, but also for the fact they have really good content for the most inexpensive monthly price. For less than a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, you can watch original matches staring Matt Riddle, Steve Cutler, Chris Candido, Tatanka, The Blue Meanie, Raven, and so many big names today. MANY big stars came from The Monster Factory and they continue to create new stars for all promotions. Their network may not have other promotions to watch, but believe me, there is so much original content. Trainer and Owner, Danny Cage does a fantastic job in continuing the star power promotion since the ’80s.
    My pick: Raven’s Second Match Ever at the Monster Factory.

  10. Honor Club – $9.99/mo ($120 VIP yearly) – www.rohwrestling.com

    Ring of Honor touts their membership as part of a club and is more than a network. Not only do you get complete access to all of their weekly television episodes and Pay Per View events (additional cost), but access to their entire TV archive. Adding to that, all historical footage, compilations, interviews are included. But as they say, it’s more than a network, so you’ll get discounts on pro shop purchases, early access to live events and so much more. Ring of Honor pretty much works with most major streaming devices and service is nearly flawless. Revisit the marvelous works of CM Punk, Adam Page, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, Tyler Black, and many others! You’ll be surprised who you may have forgotten was part of the Honor Club.

  11. RF Video Vault – $9.99/mo – www.rfvideovault.com

    Rob Feinstein is a well-known name in professional wrestling. From his work with ECW and founding ROH, Rob has worked with the biggest names in pro wrestling. You may have been part of his conventions, his signings, but almost everyone knows him from his shoot interview series. While RF Video isn’t a wrestling promotion, his content extends years worth of talent history. Much like the other streaming services, RF Video Vault will offer indie wrestling from across the United States. But for most fans, just binging on shoot interviews is worth the time and $10.
    My pick: Check out the Monday Night Wars Debate with Bishoff and Prichard. It was hosted by Chris Jericho at Dave & Busters in South Philadelphia right before the Royal Rumble.

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