​Former WWE Announcer Justin Roberts Discusses The WWE’s Creative Team Issues & More


Justin Roberts spoke with Sports Illustrated discussing his plans to write a book about his WWE career and more. Roberts talks about issues with WWE’s creative team, saying:

“The idea should always be to make it better for the fans. Freddie Prinze, Jr. was briefly on the creative team [from 2008-2009]. He was a long-time wrestling fan looking to change things for the better. But the company doesn’t want that. The kids on the writing team—who don’t go to live events—show up at TV and write wrestling, but don’t have the experience of sitting with the crowd three others nights a week, hearing the reactions, seeing what flops and what gets over. So many times we went off the air and the show was just awful, and I knew the fans knew that.

“People ask why I talk bad about the company that put me on the radar. The best analogy is waiting to meet your hero, but then finally doing so and discovering they weren’t who you expected. WWE was my hero. I was made fun of as a kid for liking it while everyone else grew out of their phase. When I finally got there, I found out the company—who I expected to love pro wrestling more than I did—didn’t love pro wrestling any more, if they ever did to begin with. It was just something they built their shows around while trying to get slowly away from it.”

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