​Former WWE Creative Writer Says Vince McMahon “Clearly Wanted To Make Out With Candice Michelle”


Former WWE creative team writer Jensen Karp recently spoke out on his time in WWE and working for Vince McMahon. He was also promoting his next book, Kanye West Owes Me $300.

While Karp noted that he only worked for WWE for 6-7 months, he had fun doing so, saying “Every time a roided-out monster came out to the ring and yelled at the camera, I – a small Jewish man – wrote it.”


Karp said he was amazed at how the WWE Superstars and “Divas” could memorize their lines fifteen minutes before going out. On his first day on the job, he recalled Vince McMahon being involved in a storyline with former WWE Diva Candice Michelle and said Vince “clearly wanted to make out with her in the scene.”

You can listen to audio from the podcast below:

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