Future Hall of Famers


The Hall of Fame is a yearly event in which a variety of characters associated with wrestling are honored for their achievements or contribution to the company. Many people have their own opinions as to who should be inducted each year, with many familiar faces creeping up each time. In my first article I will be talking about who I personally believe should be inducted in the near/far future.

I am mainly knowledgeable with the Attitude Era – Present WWE/F therefore will not be looking at past wrestlers who should no doubt be inducted such as Macho Man Randy Savage and/or King Kong Bundy etc. and will only be looking at wrestlers from those eras. I will also be ignoring The Undertaker, as I believe he is the greatest superstar in history and to write a segment on him being in the Hall of Fame is unnecessary and repetitive to other prediction lists.

1) John Cena

Love him or (most people) hate him, John Cena has contributed so much to the WWE. Since his arrival in 2002, he has brought charisma, energy and passion to the business, and whether it is positive or negative, he always receives a reaction. He has had 21 championship reigns, with 14 world championships, an incredible accomplishment. Not only has he been successful in the ring, but he has granted more Make-A-Wish pleas than anybody since its inception, giving the WWE a positive, charitable reputation. These reasons, plus more, are why I believe once he retires John Cena will be inducted into the Hall.

2) Kane

One of my favorite superstars ever. Kane is the ultimate utility man in the WWE. He has adapted so well over his 17 years in the company and has won 18 championships, including the WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW titles. Although not having the ‘star power’ that Cena has, Kane is a respected character who has been a part of so many awesome moments, including one of the best rivalries in history alongside The Undertaker, as well as his records such as most consecutive Royal Rumbles and joint most eliminations (don’t get me started on Roman Reigns breaking the 11 eliminations record!). I hope Kane headlines a Hall of Fame and is not simply part of the undercard, despite being there most of his career, and that the WWE recognize his ability, presence and loyalty by blasting the fire out of the turnbuckles as he receives the ovation he deserves.

3) Chris Jericho

Y2J, The Ayotollah of Rock ‘n Rollah, Chris Jericho has done it all. Without the rugged body that Vince adores so much, Jericho’s fantastic wrestling ability and mic skills have helped him shine in his career, including his famous first ever Undisputed Championship win, an achievement alongside his 29 other titles. A record 9-time intercontinental champion, Chris Jericho will definitely be inducted into the Hall of Fame, which will maybe (hopefully) overshadow his abysmal performance on a certain dancing show…

4) Triple H

Arguably one of the best heels in WWE history, Triple H single handedly carried Raw in 2003, which cemented his legacy in my opinion. His perfect chemistry with Shawn Michaels in DX helped him portray his very good mic skills and the injury Shawn received only drove The Game to shine himself. He has won 23 titles, as well as a Royal Rumble and a King of the Ring, and is also married in real-life to Stephanie McMahon, although that does not change the pure fact that Triple H should be inducted into the Hall. He has also been able to adapt over the years, keeping the same gimmick but not becoming a stale figure and still being able to put on top quality matches, whilst putting over hard working talent such as Daniel Bryan. Now working in development, Triple H is perfectly suited in his role at the moment, playing a brilliant heel, and will continue to play this heel all the way into the Hall of Fame.

5) The Big Show

One of the most underrated performers in WWE history, The ‘Big Show’ Paul Wight has held 23 championships including 11 tag team championships with 7 different partners, proving his versatility, teaming with performers such as Kane all the way to The Miz. He is a awesome specimen, the most amazing since Andre the Giant. 7 feet tall, close to 500 pounds at one point in his career, he is another utility man who has continued to work under extreme pressure for a man of his size for such a long time. Always putting over young talent, Show has had a very successful career, and despite not having the most exciting matches, he will always be a big (no pun intended) character in the WWE and will be remembered for many brilliant moments.

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