Future Hall of Famers Part III


The third instalment in my series of WWE Hall of Fame predictions, where I give my opinion on who I believe will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the coming future and also who I believe should induct them. Be sure to check out my previous two articles, and read why I believe wrestlers such as Kane, Kurt Angle and William Regal etc should be inducted 🙂

Let’s get into it!

1) ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

A strong contender as the headline for the 2015 HOF, the late, great Randy Savage has always been a rumoured name to be inducted, after having a legendary and fantastic career. A former World Champion, King of the Ring winner and Intercontinental Champion, Savage was a brilliant wrestler and entertainer, his trademarks moves and quotes making him a fan-favourite. Along with his deep, raspy voice and pink ring gear, Savage was cheered constantly, despite interchanging between face and heel status. Tragically, The Macho Man died of a cardiac arrest in 2011, however his various accomplishments and incredible matches are reasons why Randy Savage will surely be inducted into the Hall of Fame. ‘Ooooooh Yeahhhhhh!’

Who will induct him? – Hulk Hogan

2) Bruiser Brody 

An intimidating figure at 6’8 with a wild mane of hair and full beard, Bruiser Brody is perhaps the moniker of the traditional ‘hardcore’ style of wrestling. Brody is currently attached to a legends contract, signed by his widow, which means despite the majority of his work being outside of the WWE, there is a high chance of him being inducted in the HOF for his contribution to wrestling. He was a huge fan-favourite and despite mainly having a brawling style, he could perform in various match styles. Unfortunately, Brody may be best known for his tragic murder, but that seems to have been brushed under the carpet in the WWE, meaning he could very well be inducted.

Who will induct him? – Luke Harper

3) Paul Heyman

The mad scientist responsible for the creation of ECW, Paul Heyman is one of the most influential characters in the business that is not and has never been a wrestler. The manager of champions such as Brock Lesnar, The Big Show and CM Punk, Heyman has always aligned himself with a top star and has helped to build them into the next major player, as he is now doing with Cesaro. With ECW being extremely (no pun intended) popular and a main part of the 2001 Invasion storyline, one of the greatest ever, Paul Heyman has solidified himself in WWE history and I believe his awesome mic skills, fantastic management and vast knowledge of the business will earn him a HOF induction.

Who will induct him? – Vince or Shane McMahon

4) Kevin Nash

‘Big Daddy Cool’ Diesel won all three major championships in his first year in the WWE (then F) instantly becoming a huge draw and was a ‘cool’ bad guy, someone we loved to hate and wanted to be like. He was brilliant on the mic and is a former World, Tag and Intercontinental champion. Despite his links in the business, it’s a surprise Nash isn’t already in the HOF in the first place, although with the induction of Razor Ramon, a Diesel induction is looking more and more likely. A member of the NWO, Nash may not have been the greatest technical wrestler, but he had an awesome presence and has the championship resume to deserve a Hall of Fame position.

Who will induct him? – Scott Hall or Triple H

5) John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

A very successful veteran of the company, Bradshaw started his career with a series of dull gimmicks that kept him as a low-mid card performer. However his break came when he formed a tag team called the APA along with Ron Simmons (Faarooq). Bradshaw won 3 Tag Team championships with Simmons and also won the Hardcore and European titles before once again fizzing out to mid-card. Little did we know, a gimmick change to the wealthy JBL would give him the monster push of a lifetime. From face to major heel in such a short period of time, JBL would go on to win the WWE championship, and then become the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown history. Now working as a commentator for the WWE, Layfield has a good relationship with the company and his championships, accomplishments and hard work behind the scenes and in the ring will mean that the trademark limo, along with the bull horns will be driving its way into to Hall of Fame.

Who will induct him? – Ron Simmons

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