​Gigi Discusses Being A Fan Of WWE, Says Paige Was Her Guardian Angel, & More


Eliminated WWE Tough Enough contestant Gigi spoke with Channel Guide Magazine about her time on the show and more. Check out some highlights:

On Paige saving her: “Early on in the competition she was giving me a little bit of heat, but I think she was just trying to see how I can do under pressure. Coming to the end of it, she has been my guardian angel. She saved me last week. You can see she was disappointed that I left the competition now. I know people have been sending messages and tweets where she commented on one of the videos online saying the only girl talent that was left was gone, and well done WWE Universe or something like that. She was definitely supporting GiGi, which was incredible. I look up to her for being so unique and staying true to herself. She doesn’t change for anybody, and I think that is what makes Paige so great.”

On being a WWE fan: “I lost touch as I got older. Before the last year or so I’ve been watching ‘Total Divas.’ I got addicted to that. It kind of brought me back to WWE because I saw their lives. So then I wanted to see them in the ring and wrestling. It kind of threw me back in. I’m glad that happened.”

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