Give Natalya a Proper Push


It is absolutely embarrassing that Natalya continues jobbing to less qualified wrestlers. If tonight’s match featuring Natalya and Naomi had been a shoot, Natalya would have stretched the inferior Naomi and tapped her out, passed her out or pinned her. The finish to the match was a soft bop with Naomi’s butt. Natalya is the first female dungeon graduate. Her matches, she takes seriously and Naomi is there to be a reality television star. Natalya has admitted the powers that be in WWE, have seen her as too much of a wrestler.

It’s an embarrassment and WWE needs to reward wrestlers and quit catering to personalities they see as entertainers but are bland, colorless waifs.

Natalya Featured On WWE's 'Body Series' + The Latest Edition Of 'WWE Inbox' - Videos Inside Here

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