Goldberg: Is It Time to Give Back to the Business?


In a magical time long ago, there was a man called Goldberg. He was an unstoppable machine who would literally run over opponents with no mercy. His unmatched intensity went hand in hand with his undefeated streak, and only a taser could put an end to the monstrous reign of destruction. After Ted Turner’s money stopped rolling in, and with many doubts in his mind, Goldberg boarded a ship and set sail for the land of World Wrestling Entertainment.

When he got there, he found that the common man, woman and child welcomed him with open arms, but his new peers were not so ready to embrace. A man named Jericho got in to a brawl with the mighty Goldberg. In court, the judge of three H’s ordered the behemoth of the place where big boys play… to apologize and admit Jericho was the better performer. Later, he got in to a messy situation with another Brobdingnagian superstar known as “The Beast”. Without his handler guiding the way, the other colossus of wrestling challenged Goldberg to a fight at the show of shows. But it was farcical, because it was leaked through the grapevine that the two titans would sail away from the land of WWE the second they had finished locking horns.

Stepping Away

The result was poor, as even a live Rattlesnake wasn’t enough to save an encounter which should’ve shaken the Earth’s foundations. Goldberg slumbered, spending much of his time away and saying crummy things about wrestling in interviews. This former champion of men had been reduced to a bitter afterthought, embarrassed by tell tales of being dangerous and hard to work with. Nevertheless, his fans let it be known they wanted him. Those who grew up watching the mighty behemoth of WCW wanted more. They wanted to know “Who’s Next?”, and after what felt like a lifetime, his loyal admirers got their wish. Goldberg returned with a blaze of glory, but there remained doubts from some quarters that he didn’t suit the business no more. It had moved on from the days where squashing opponents was fashionable.

Looking to redeem the former blemish on their legacies, Goldberg & Brock Lesnar quickly found one another again. They stared in to each other’s eyes and salivated at the thought of putting right what once went wrong. At the Survivor Series, Goldberg wrecked Lesnar in 1 minute and 26 seconds. Some loved it. Others hated it. Was this the right thing to do? The ageing behemoth defeated men of today in record time, like Kevin Owens to become the Universal Champion.

It was a polarizing way of pushing a known dangerous man who had once berated wrestling from afar. But what happened next was extraordinary, as Goldberg recorded his first clean singles loss to Lesnar at the biggest show of the year. WWE had finally broken his shield of invincibility. Again, he returned to slumber with his family, after sharing some of his humanity with the world. What happened next was a complete accident leading to disaster. While returning for an encounter with The Undertaker in a faraway land, a concussion contributed to an incident where he almost dropped The Phenom on his head. At this moment, many felt he should slumber for good. But Goldberg didn’t want to go out this way, because he wanted to redeem himself again.

“You’re Last!”

Once more, he angered many when he hastily destroyed a creature known as “The Fiend” for the Universal title; despite being as indestructible of a force than anyone had seen before. For the show of shows in 2020, he chose not a person, but an animal known as “The Big Dog” to be his last opponent. Here, Goldberg could finally leave his legacy singing on a high note, by passing the torch of dominance on to the next generation. A terrible virus ensured this wouldn’t take place. Instead, he passed it on to a “Monster Among Men”… but was left unsatisfied. Goldberg remained hungry for more, and the only thing he could do was wait for one more opportunity to put his dreams of a true sendoff to fruition.

Enter “The Scottish Warrior”, someone who has proven he belongs after dominating “The Beast” much like Goldberg had before. The problem with some former champions is they never had the previous generation to move the industry forward. Goldberg’s dominance is such that there will always be a chance he can walk away victorious. But at this point of his life, I feel like it is time for this former behemoth to use his power to make new ones. After all, it would do wonders for Drew McIntyre to say he defeated not one, but two titans in Brock Lesnar & Goldberg at back-to-back WrestleMania.

The future is bright when WWE can make something of McIntyre & Reigns, because there will come a time when they no longer feel the need to send a ship to receive the mighty men of yesteryear. But what happens if Goldberg wins? Is it the end of the world? Will the Earth shatter in to millions of pieces? No, let’s not be dramatic. If Goldberg is to do what many expect him to do, then it makes another comeback story for Drew McIntyre.


Chasing Legacies

Much like Randy Orton before him, Goldberg would serve as an obstacle for Drew to overcome to get back on top. Former champions like John Cena were polarizing because they were “too dominant”. McIntyre does not want to find himself in to a position where he stagnates and his followers become tired of seeing him. Some of the greatest wrestlers of all time were rarely on top of the mountain for long periods. The legacy is in the chase.

So don’t worry if McIntyre loses, because that’s what he wants, the challenge is something he will embrace. Even if Goldberg doesn’t put him over at the Royal Rumble, you know for a fact he will at the show of shows. As we know, if he ever loses clean it’s at WrestleMania. From there, McIntyre’s star should grow to the point he can bring others up to his level.

Did you know? Goldberg has been giving back for some time. He has only won three of his previous six matches. But he can only give back if he continues to be the threat we have always known him to be. There’s only so many times he can be defeated before losing what makes him Goldberg. And with that said, I’d much appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the upcoming match at the Royal Rumble between Goldberg & McIntyre in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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