grades for each AEW and WWE champion right now

Grading Every Current WWE & AEW Champion (EWN Back to School Round Table)


Grades are about to become a big part of millions of lives again as we are in back to school season. This got me thinking about how I would grade each of the champions for AEW and WWE on their overall merit.

Therefore, I made up a Google Form with everyone who currently holds a title in those companies and I’m presenting you the opportunity to take part in this little ranking experiment.

At first, I opened this poll up to just the team behind the scenes at eWrestlingNews. Fellow writers had the opportunity to assign a grade to every champion from A+ to F, or to opt out if they didn’t see enough of the title run to fairly judge.

As a follow-up, I was curious if the rankings skew differently if just flat out asked who our favorites are. More than one person could be graded an A+, but only one can be the valedictorian, in a sense.

Mathematically averaging everything out, the results at the time of posting this were as follows.


  • Roman Reigns = A
  • Bianca Belair = A-
  • Liv Morgan = C+
  • Bobby Lashley = B-
  • Gunther = B+
  • The Usos = A-
  • Dana Brooke = D+
  • Bron Breakker = B
  • Mandy Rose = B+
  • Carmelo Hayes = B
  • The Creed Brothers = B
  • Katana Chance and Kayden Carter = C
  • Tyler Bate = B-
  • Meiko Satomura = A-
  • Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs = C
  • Noam Dar = C
  • Jon Moxley = A-
  • Thunder Rosa = C-
  • Swerve in Our Glory = B-
  • Wardlow = B-
  • Jade Cargill = B
  • PAC = B-
  • Hook = C+

Favorite Champion Levels:

  • World Champion (Men) = Roman Reigns (3), Jon Moxley (2)
  • Women’s Champion = Bianca Belair (2), Mandy Rose (1), Meiko Satomura (1), Jade Cargill (1)
  • Midcard Champion = Gunther (3), Bobby Lashley (2)
  • Tag Team Champions = The Usos (5)


Again, this is with a small sample, and your votes will change things. However, currently, we’re looking at everyone passing, albeit a few struggling a little.

Dana Brooke’s got the lowest grade. She’s the only one averaging out to a D+. It’s still technically passing, but in a “by the skin of your teeth” way. That’s nothing to be proud of. Then again, it isn’t 100% her fault, given how WWE booked this 24/7 Championship around her.

Roman Reigns, meanwhile is the only A. Some come close with A- (Bianca Belair, The Usos, Meiko Satomura and Jon Moxley), but The Head of the Table truly is the top dog.

Lots of B-grades to go around. In fact, the average of all grades combined on this list comes to around a B- or C+.

All this points to people mostly being happy with the champions, but showing clear room for improvement.

Raw and SmackDown are about on par with AEW. NXT is about on par with NXT UK.

Men and women stars are seemingly across the board with no real bias. Men average to a B- while women average to a C+.

As far as favorite champions go, those wins are Roman Reigns, Bianca Belair, Gunther and a clean sweep for The Usos. Considering their overall grades (A, A-, B+ and A-), this checks out.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Knowing how the team from EWN stands, I’d like to open the floodgates and allow YOU to influence the votes and express your opinions.

How would you grade these wrestlers? Who passes and who fails? Which champions are your favorites?

If you want to vote on this, click here or check out the embedded form below. The results are available for anyone to see, and I’ll keep this poll going for quite some time to allow as many votes as possible to come in.

Try to vote honestly based on that person’s title reign, rather than how you feel about the wrestler’s entire career. If you’re a huge Dana Brooke fan, for instance, but you think this 24/7 Championship scene is horrendous, give her a bad score. This isn’t just about the performer, but the way creative has booked them, so you don’t have to feel bad for giving a bad mark, nor should you throw heaping amounts of praise to someone you liked previous title reigns for—but not this one—just because what happened in the past was better.

At any random time, you can check to see how these wrestlers’ grades are shaping up. You can also edit your response if something better or worse changes your opinion.

So go ahead and vote! Tell us your favorites and least favorites. Keep the discussion going in the comments, too, and let us know if you’d like to see more things like this in the future at EWN!

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