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Greg DeMarco’s Chairshot Radio: Matt Hardy’s Options, The Rock’s Movies


Patrick, Miranda, and Greg discuss the options in front of Matt Hardy including AEW, NXT, and more. Plus, the trio looks at 10 movies starring The Rock, and their critical performances in a new game!

The Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasting are live as Patrick O’Dowd, Miranda Morales, and Greg DeMarco present another engaging edition of… Chairshot Radio! (Formerly The Greg DeMarco Show.)

This week’s topics include:

  • Matt Hardy has options–what are they?
  • In the end, where will Matt Hardy end up?
  • The Rock’s movies–how do they perform on Rotten Tomatoes?
  • Greg explains the origin of “Fuck You Jimmy Rave.”

Hear all that and more, including the Theme Song of the Week and Baron Corbin Sucks, on this week’s edition of Chairshot Radio!

Chairshot Radio (aka The Greg DeMarco Show) is presented by the Chairshot Radio Network and is available at and


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