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Greg DeMarco’s Chairshot Radio: WrestleMania 36 Reaction and Analysis


It’s a WrestleMania 36 reaction show as Patrick, Miranda, and Greg share their analysis of the most unique Super Bowl of Wrestling in history.

The Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasting are live as Patrick O’Dowd, Miranda Morales, and Greg DeMarco present another engaging edition of… Chairshot Radio! (Formerly The Greg DeMarco Show.)

This week’s topics include:

  • What was your overall reaction to WrestleMania 36?
  • Breaking down the “non-traditional” Boneyard Match and Firefly Funhouse Match.
  • Did the women deliver?
  • What about the world title matches?
  • Reaction to the Last Man Standing Match
  • In the end, was WrestleMania 36 worth it?

Hear all that and more–including the Theme Song of the Week and Baron Corbin Sucks–on this week’s edition of Chairshot Radio!

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