Growing Up A Wrestling Fan


As you can see, essentially, as time went on, I picked out my favorites like any wrestling fan would do.

Now to a more personal story. Like any other kid who’s a Wrestling fan, you owned Wrestling action figures. You played with them day and night. Well one day, I moved to a brand new school in a new city I’ve never stepped foot in. So I was completely clueless in every aspect. On my very first week, I’d say, I came across this dude named George, who at recess would bring out all his action figures and play with them at the bench near the playground with a couple of friends. I’d see the same thing every recess, so I became more and more invested in that particular group of people. They were all clearly Wrestling fans just like me.

One day, I decided to bring a few of my action figures to school in hopes of joining that group during recess. Well after class, before I headed back home, I spotted George in the gym, and politely asked him, “Hey, you like Wrestling?” He said, “Yeah, why?”. I went on…”You have action figures, right?” Of course he said yes, so I asked him if he’d possibly trade me a few, some of mine for some of his. I don’t really remember exactly which figures particularly, but we exchanged quite a few. I suppose I impressed him enough, since he ended up formally introducing me to the rest of the crew. Basically we were all friends since then. Later on, we created a pretend heel faction called, DNN (Dumb Nicknames). From that moment on, we’d all be known by our nicknames. Our dumb nicknames. Get it? We even made a ridiculous logo to represent us. Let’s just say, we went all out.

Anyways, a few years passed, around Junior High, some of my friends remained fans, while others completely moved on from Wrestling entirely. I became distant and more hesitant towards sharing my feelings for Wrestling. I didn’t want people to know I was still a fan of it. I didn’t want to be the laughing stock, which I felt, at the time, I would be if I was exposed as a fan.

High School started, and that’s when I believed, to an extreme degree, I was the only Wrestling fan in the entire school. Not even the girlfriends I had knew I was a Wrestling fan. Strictly family and that’s it. No one else. Whenever a friend would come over while WWE was on my television, I would quickly turn the channel. Admittedly, I would be a hypocrite at times by making fun of WWE and people who watch it, because I wanted to fit in, and I wanted to do anything to express that I do not watch Wrestling anymore. When in reality, I was teasing myself as well.

Over the years, more and more of my friends stopped watching, so I felt left out. Sort of kept to myself for awhile, because, unfortunately, we no longer shared the same interests. Eventually, once college hit, I got over the whole ordeal. If someone caught me watching Wrestling, it was sort of an “Oh well, whatever.” type thing. I was tired of lying to myself, and trying to fit in with others as a kid. These days, I really couldn’t careless about the opinions of others. Professional Wrestling is what I enjoy. What can I say?

I do have plenty of personal friends, but literally none of them are fans of Wrestling. Sure, they know it’s one of my passions in life, but they think nothing of it. They simply don’t care. We’re adults, we don’t all agree on things and share the same interests we did as kids. The only Wrestling friends (if you want to call it that) I have are the ones that frequent EWNs comments section down below. From Bish, to Dirty Dick, to Camp Chico, to Rydoggy, to Dr. G57, to Lass Kicker, to Harley Race, and many more. I sincerely thank all of you for filling the role I cannot claim I have in my personal life.

In closing, I have a son and daughter who enjoy watching WWE with me. That’s all that really matters in my eyes. It still puts a smile on their faces each and every week…and nothing gets better than that.

I apologize, as this article was sort of all over the place, rapidly jumping from point to point, but either way, I appreciate your time, folks. I have a couple interesting topics in mind I plan to write about at some point. Stay tuned for those articles. They will be exceedingly more organized than this. Can’t wait to share them with all of you. Thanks for reading. Take care.

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