Harry ‘DH’ Smith Discusses Tyson Kidd & His Surgery/Recovery, British Bulldog/WWE Hall Of Fame


In an interview with Wz Daily, Harry Smith spoke about the health of Tyson Kidd and the possibility of the British Bulldog joining the WWE Hall of Fame. Here are highlights:

On Kidd’s recovery and surgery: “I think that the surgery went well. He was definitely lucky, the break was pretty much at the brain stem. It’ll just be a matter of time to tell whether or not he’ll ever wrestle again or not. I’m not the one to make any claims on whether or not he’ll ever wrestle again. But his neck brace, he was able to take it off when I came down there, he just had some staples removed. He has to be really careful with stuff like that. Only time will tell how he recovers from it, how things are looking and whether or not he can wrestle again.”

On the British Bulldog going into the Hall of Fame: “There’s a friend of mine, Michael in UK, who has been pushing for it. He has started this petition and he’s gotten lots of video clips from guys all the way from Kurt Angle, Frankie Kazarian, other Legends… all kinds of guys that want to see him in the Hall of Fame. Will it eventually happen? It certainly should. When is it going to happen? I’m not exactly sure. They (WWE) pick and choose what they want to do basically. When is he going to be in there? I don’t know. I think that he’s certainly deserving to be in there. I think that Owen Hart is certainly deserving to be in there. There is, of course, the issue with his widow, Martha, and I think that’s going to be tough obstacle to overcome. Never say never but that’s going to be a tricky obstacle to overcome. They’re both certainly deserving. When they’ll be in there? I don’t know.”

On CM Punk’s chances in the UFC: “Whoever he fights, or whatever he fights, will make money. It’s going to get a lot of publicity. Worst case scenario, he fights twice and he loses twice. He’s created so much publicity around that. Look at Chael Sonnen, who has probably lost now more than he has won but he’s also someone that people want to see fight, even if he does get his ass kicked. Whether or not CM Punk is going to get his ass kicked? I can’t say that. I haven’t really seen him train. To say he is going to lose and get his ass kicked is not really fair to him because no one has actually seen him fight. I did actually send him a text saying I was willing to be a part of his fight team, if he needed me, because I do support him. I want to help him because he is a fellow pro wrestler from the WWE but he didn’t give me any answer. So, I guess he doesn’t need my help.”

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