Has the WWE made the Universal Title meaningless?


With Brock Lesnar re-claiming the Universal Title at Crown Jewel a few weeks ago, it is obvious the WWE is doing its best to make the most prestigious trophy of Monday Night RAW meaningless.

Due to Roman Reigns’ health issues, the company had to decide on whether Brock Lesnar or Braun Strowman would become the new Universal Champion.


And even though it was likely they would pick the Monster Among Men to win the match, Vince McMahon decided to have the Beast Incarnate become the champion.

Thanks to an outside interference by the Acting GM of RAW, Baron Corbin, Lesnar dominated Strowman and claimed the title.

With that in mind, I still can’t understand why the WWE made that decision. Probably, Vince McMahon thinks Lesnar is the best example of what the Universal Champion should look like.

Yet, the Beast’s previous title reign was one of the most disappointing ones in the history of sports entertainment. Although Lesnar had been the champion for more than 500 days, he rarely defended the title, not only in the biggest pay-per-views, but in live events, too.


Due to his contract, the Beast had the privilege to make only a few appearances every year, alongside his “advocate”, Paul Heyman, whose great microphone skills helped the company build-up the respective storyline.

But, such a decision has been disrespectful to all those wrestlers that show up day in and day out and spend almost 300 days per year to work for the company.

Finn Balor, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and others should have a chance to become the Universal Champion, but instead they see a part-time wrestler, who rarely shows up, win the title.

In my opinion, and since the WWE had Lesnar claim the title, the company should make sure this title reign is a short one. Since the Universal Championship is the most prestigious trophy on RAW, it should be defended very often.

So, the WWE should give the title to a full-time wrestler, like Strowman, who will become a fighting champion and will make the Universal Championship meaningful again.

Also, it seems that the WWE is planning to have Lesnar keep the title until Wrestlemania 35, yet he is expected to defend it only two or three times until then.

On the other hand, things on SmackDown Live are completely different, with former WWE champion AJ Styles appearing almost in every show and being a fighting champion, with multiple title defenses.

The same would likely happen with the new WWE champion, Daniel Bryan, starting from next week or the first pay-per-view after Survivor Series.

And that is certainly best for business. Otherwise, it is a slap in the face to the wrestlers that work very hard to reach the top, but instead they see the company hand the title to a part-timer.

As far as Lesnar is concerned, the WWE should have him make limited appearances to selected pay-per-views and televised shows, like they do with the Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena etc.

Such a case would make much more sense comparing to the decision to make him the champion.

Because, overall, Brock Lesnar being the Universal Champion is a sign that the WWE attempts to make the title meaningless.

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