Heath Slater’s Raw Return Was a Rare Treat; Don’t Expect More Superstars


Slater has plans to wrestle for other promotions. He probably also thinks he’ll come back to WWE somewhere down the line and maybe have the same success Mahal and McIntyre found with that.

I truly think he’s in his own rare bubble where nobody else will match the formula to make a return like he just did.

Possible Exception to the Rule #1 – Sarah Logan

Now, despite my adamant refusal we’ll see any more of this, I do think there are two Superstars who were in this mass release who stand a chance to make some sort of cameo appearance, possibly very soon.

Let me be clear in saying I don’t think these will happen, but I can’t rule them out. They’re certainly possible and the most likely options by a wide margin.

One of those is Sarah Logan. We saw that The Viking Raiders are still referencing their feud with The Street Profits by reminding people of the silly antics with bowling and whatnot. While there hasn’t been a direct continuation of that shtick, WWE still put it out there to remind everyone it happened, rather than move on completely from it.

A recurring joke was that all the women they’d come across would call Ivar cute before cutting Erik down with “You? Not so much.”

You’d think the payoff, if they hadn’t fired Logan, would have been to bring her out there to call attention to how she and Erik are married and she thinks he’s cute. Then, she could have gone full-blown viking and refreshed her gimmick a bit, as well as stood alongside them in six-person mixed tag team matches against the likes of Zelina Vega, Angel Garza and Andrade or any other pairing like that.

They could still do that, or tie her into the budding reunion of Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott, but I don’t think so.

Logan just announced on her YouTube channel that she’s pregnant.

Of course, that’s perfect for proving she thinks Erik’s cute and all, and can even be referenced as a bonding point to bridge the gap between Morgan and Riott, if they want to talk about how they rekindled their friendship over their former partner’s exciting news.

But is Logan going to want to put herself and her child at risk showing up for a WWE taping? I doubt it.

It’s not like she could get physical. She wouldn’t get the sort of reception Becky Lynch got, as it just doesn’t have the same thunder. And with all the positive COVID-19 tests happening, why would you ever want to gamble with that?

Maybe they have her record some video and use that, instead, though. It seems like it’s probably more effort than what it’s worth, but having her pick up her phone, shoot some selfie footage and text it over to WWE to use on Raw wouldn’t be hard at all.

Possible Exception to the Rule #2 – Erick Rowan

The more likely scenario of someone making their return would be Erick Rowan in some sort of cameo related to the upcoming Wyatt Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules.

Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman are going back to a time from when there were all four members of The Wyatt Family (of course, not counting Eli Cottonwood) were a strong, tight-knit unit.

Ideally, they would be able to reference this by having both Rowan and Luke Harper make appearances as some sort of ghostly apparitions of the time long passed. Truth be told, that could actually still happen if they just use old footage they have the rights to, rather than film something new.

But with so much emphasis being put on Harper in AEW, I don’t think WWE is going to want to give him any more of a rub. They gain nothing out of reminding people he’s an interesting performer, as those fans will check out Mr. Brodie Lee as the leader of Dark Order.

He’s certainly not returning while he’s under contract with AEW, which would mean if Rowan returned, they’d have a missing member. At that point, it makes Harper stand out even more from his absence—kind of like a D-Generation X reunion with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Road Dogg, X-Pac and….hey, don’t mention AEW coach Billy Gunn’s name and just look over here at these shiny distractions!

Rowan’s not exactly working with the best momentum, either. What’s he going to do, wear the sheep mask and try to intimidate Strowman with his big spider that was killed off? Lame.

Haunting visions could be manipulated in lots of ways, as evidenced by the Firefly Fun House match using old footage for John Cena’s career. If Rowan’s going to be shown in any fashion with this fight, that’s how WWE will utilize him—not with an actual return like what happened with Slater.

The One Man Band was a one-time thing. It was a little underwhelming from what its potential could have been, but it was still cool to see. I just don’t think this opens the floodgates for Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins to be showing up any time soon or Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to pop up for an O.C. reunion on SmackDown.

Time will tell, but if nothing else comes out of this, Slater’s cameo was still pretty neat.

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