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Heels With A Touch of Evil Running Rampant In WWE, ROH & Impact


To answer a few of the questions I posed here in my first editorial on the site, I guess I’d say that the time isn’t over for the proverbial White Knight of old, or at least it shouldn’t be. And yes, McIntyre wields a sword in his epic entrance, but we can’t forget his past of evil-doings, that’s for sure. But, if his run continues, perhaps a future as hero, in the terms of the past, will be just enough to fight the forces of darkness crawling out of those dark corners and dark cracks in the ground from the dark of night. How would he fare against the likes of heels like Danhausen? Once again, I can’t help but wonder.

Who else can answer the call?

That still remains to be seen, but I’ve gotta say that it’s interesting to see these characters have a little bit of success right now. That’ll make it all the more special when the White Knight chooses to emerge, should he/she accept the challenge.

Until the next one, folks. Keep watching the action and keep reading. I’m hearing the bell on this first instalment.

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