Hell In A Cell 2017 Review and Match Ratings



Here’s the bad news. Just like another Smackdown-exclusive PPV, Battleground, the show peaked with its opening match yet again. Here’s the good news. Unlike Battleground, Hell In A Cell had a much more acceptable undercard. Two persistent issues continued with WWE on this PPV. A – The show ran FAR too long and had a lot of unnecessary fluff, which doesn’t include the backstage segments and the Fashion Files. B – The flow of the show is inconsistent, as much of the good stuff comes early on and then the show takes a massive nosedive in quality. And finally, more questionable booking decisions all around. I didn’t feel bad watching it top to finish on first viewing, and I got my money’s worth from the opening HIAC match alone. However, one great match a great show does not make. Fortunately, this show wasn’t downright horrible with the other matches, so I’d say thumbs in the middle, leaning up strictly for the first HIAC match which was damn near perfection. However, if I was going to make a recommendation to a new viewer, I’d say watch the opening match, skip all the way to the final five minutes of the final HIAC match and then turn off the tape. You’ll be much better off. Until next time.



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