Hey WWE, push these Top 10 young superstars!


You hear all the time about how bright the future is for the WWE with the
talent in NXT and the young guys that just recently got called up. In
yet, they still push John Cena, Orton, and so forth down our throats.
I’m tired hearing it!! If the future is bright, put your money where
your mouth is and push these young guys to the top. Which is why I
created a list of talent who WWE should push to the top and give the
ball too!! Here is my top 10 superstars who I believe can be main event
talent if used correctly: *not all the young talent I believe in who got
called up. Keep that in mind when you read this list.

-Obviously isn’t nxt type of superstar, but he deserves an
oppurtunity to be at the top. Used seriously, I mean his feud with
Mysterio was so awesome going into WM27, but by the time WM28 when he
needed someone to face…..they gave him the Big Show and everything
went downhill. However teaming with Goldust was awesome, but didn’t lead
to a match at WM. If given the oppurtunity, he could do great things.
Dashing Cody Rhodes was awesome! Position? currently Stardust! 

News Barrett
-His nexus run really told me, he was a player.
Unfortunately it didn’t last that long. Giving his group to Punk and
crapping all over it towards the end was a big mistake. I still believe
that Barrett winning the WWE title at Survivor Series and facing Cena in
the main event of Wrestlemania would have been better than vs Miz.
Hell, Miz cashing in on Cena afterward would have been cool to ruin
Cena’s moment. Nexus beating up Rock. Anyway, love bad news being
delivered. Give Barrett the ball! Position? Injury prone questions. 

-The reason Reigns is so low is because his mic work. When he is
talking in the back or whatever, I can barely make out what he is saying
cuz he is speaking so low.He has a look, but look only takes you so
far…..need to see more. Position? Mic skills and injury! 

-Keep in mind before everyone flips for his position, I have
former world champions on this list who really only had their respective
reigns for maybe a month or shorter. So he is technically top 5 when
considering that. Anyway, his placement is because I want to see how
good he is without Authority behind him. He is very good in the ring
and has improved a lot on the mic since he joined the WWE. 

-Being Miz’s lackey isn’t exactly helping my case for him, but I
did enjoy his character educating us wrestling fans while he was ranting
on the mic. Of course, you are not giving him the ball with the current
character he is right now. Obviously need something and momentum behind
him to get back to highs he once had before the MITB jobbing. 

-He was
from the beginning of the Shield and still is my favorite of the 3. His
promo skills are unique. When he has the talking stick you must listen.
Something WWE has been missing. If booked correctly, he certainly could
be a main event player. Rumors of possible Rock/HHH match at Mania? Why
not HHH vs Ambrose? I’d like to see that. 

-Ever since he was booked to face Cena, I feel as if he lost
steam. Yea, he got a win thank to that child at Extreme Rules, but all
the Wyatt Family has been beaten by Cena. I feel Jericho feud didn’t
help him, maybe just the way he has been booked. Anyway, I feel he could
be a player in the future of the WWE with this character. Who knows
what happens now with 2 members
free. I do know, I’m not the only fan with their eyes on the tv screen
when you hear that he is here. 

what happened to this Heyman guy. Heyman guys just havn’t been as
successful these days as they were in the past. I’d love to see him
bring the swing back to get the crowd excited for him when he comes out.
I want the king of swing to return. He has the wrestling skills and the
look to be successful. Just need the ball…. 

-Despite all the jobs in recent years, he still gets a very good
reaction from the audience. No matter where they are, can’t say the
same for many of the talents on the roster. Which is why he should be
given the oppurtunity to be a top guy. A main event player, WWE let him
show the world! 

-I know many may be upset with the choices I gave because I have
guys who have won the top prize like Bryan. However, will he be back to
being the nerd as Cole would like to say in the past? Who knows if
they will they give up on Bryan because of the injury? Hopefully they
will not which is why I put him on the list because I’m afraid of what
might happen when he does

or disagree with this top 10? Anyone I leave out? I doubt I got the
correct order, certainly will see some comments about Sandow being #6.
Any way, I was wanting to give this list after hearing about how “thin”
the roster is with Reigns, Bryan, and Batista away. I mean, these guys
could be top heels or babyface talents if the machine got behind them. I
mean Sheamus was the top babyface on SD not too long ago and look at
him now. Leave your thoughts in the comment
section below. Thanks for reading!

to Big Show post
: I want to make it clear, I don’t hate the Big Show. I
hate when people make the Big Show out to be the greatest big man of
all-time putting aside greats like Andre and Undertaker. Is Big Show 1
of the best? Yes! I never said he wouldn’t be in the HOF or say he
wasn’t great. I just was making my case that he wasn’t the greatest. As
far as the Khali comment goes, I said he can speak english and take
bumps which meant to be
a cheap shot. Khali has no business being in the same category as the
Big Show and I realize that. Big Show is very agile for his size.
However, he isn’t in the league of greats like Taker or Andre. Taker
always had a match on ppv and you knew maybe a month ahead before the
show. Big Show you just never know if he will be on Mania, Summerslam,
or so forth. If I upset you with the post, I suppose I’m sorry for
speaking my opinion. I mean, no one sit there and argued he was better
than Taker or Andre. Which is the point of the post and the concept of
the recent article.

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