How Can WWE Bounce Back from AJ Lee’s In-Ring Retirement?


Whether you are a fan of AJ Lee or not, you have to admit that her exit from the roster leaves a gap that will need to be filled sooner than later. If WWE is serious about promoting the women in the company more due to the #GiveDivasAChance movement, losing someone like AJ is beyond the polar opposite of how you want to kick things off. For someone who is so tiny, her presence is quite huge and her absence cannot be treated as though someone like Emma or Cameron had departed.

For a few weeks, WWE has the ability to survive without her by placing more emphasis on some of the women that have been neglected over the past few months. When was the last time Summer Rae was relevant, for instance? Naomi is getting back on track and can be a stronghold as far as in-ring action, seeing as how she’s frequently forgotten about when people are talking about talented “wrestlers” in the division. Even someone like Layla who one can assume is toward the end of her career still have some vitality to her that has been missing for a while.


But eventually, someone is going to have to make the jump up to the main roster. So, keeping in mind how this is the season for NXT stars to debut and move up to the main roster, as exhibited by Neville and Kalisto showing
up on Monday Night Raw, who is the best choice to replace AJ Lee?

The easy answer is Charlotte, who has not only proven herself as one of the best women in the ring in NXT but also surpasses the majority of the primary roster’s talent. She would not be thrust into the forefront too early and without justification like an Eva Marie, as Charlotte has spent enough time down in developmental to earn her spot. While she’s no seasoned veteran of a dozen years like many of the male stars, she’s in a far more trustworthy position than many of the other women that find themselves called up with extremely less experience. On top of this, she’s a name, which is such a powerful tool in this business. As great as Sasha Banks and Bayley are, it would take more time and effort to get the WWE Universe adjusted to them than it would Charlotte. All it takes is one or two appearances from Ric Flair and voila, Charlotte’s made.

Charlotte took the NXT Women’s Championship by storm and held her own before dropping it to Sasha Banks earlier this year. Ever since losing it, speculation as to when she would officially become a main roster diva has been building. Now is the time when push has come to shove and WWE needs to act. The alternative of waiting too long is that there’s a possibility the division could take a turn for the worse. Since this section of the show is under so much scrutiny as of late where even the slightest hiccups are criticized heavily, a slip-up such as that would be devastating to the cause. After all, many fans look for any sign of weakness to pounce upon and the worst enemy for a division’s perception is stagnancy and irrelevance. Even if Charlotte is not the diva to do it, someone must step up and take AJ Lee’s spot as a prominently featured woman on the roster very soon before things get messy.

What would you do if you were in WWE’s position? Would you bring up any particular NXT diva? Would you focus more on using the main roster divas in better ways? Tell us your ideas in the comments below!

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