How The WWE and CM Punk Can Capitalize On A Return…


It has been almost a year, once the Royal Rumble PPV comes around since we have seen the Second City Saint, The Straight Edge Superstar, The Best In The World, but what he is best know as… CM Punk. Punk has not laced up his boots since Pittsburgh at the Rumble PPV. Since then CM Punk has gone into great lengths on the Colt Cabana podcast on why he walked out and more. He has also officially signed a contract with the UFC and should be fighting mid to late 2015. I myself can’t wait to see him jump into the octagon. But, no one can really make a prediction if he will be able to succeed or not, because no one has seen him fight. His current professional record is 0-0-0 and we won’t truly know if he has what it takes to jump from pro wrestling to MMA until he actually fights. I believe he can do it considering he became one of the most successful wrestlers of all time by starting in a high school gym getting paid barely anything for a long time until he became well known in the indy circuit.

From WWE’s standpoint it doesn’t matter if Punk is successful or not in the UFC. Because either way he could make tons of money for them. If he is not successful in the UFC, Punk could decide he wants to return to the WWE and do what he always wanted and main event WrestleMania and continue his career until his body says he can’t do it anymore. But, if he is extremely successful in the UFC like Brock Lesnar was then he can come back and wrestle for the WWE but not on a full time schedule and just wrestle whenever he please just like Lesnar.

There are many story lines still out there that he can still do. First of all I know most of you are gonna groan when I say this but he could finally wrap up his feud with Cena and finally see who is truly the better wrestler. That could easily become a main event of Mania. He could also do the dream match all die hard Punk fans have been waiting for… If the Texas Rattlesnake ever desires to put on his trunks again for one more match, there would be no one better then, CM Punk. Another feud which WWE has teased for a long time is CM Punk vs Triple H, they did have a small feud back in 2011 at Night Of Champions and Triple H won. But, they could of made that great match. Considering Triple H and Punk have bad blood in real life this would turn out great on the mic. 

Either way this could make tons of money for CM Punk and Vince McMahon. Tell me what you think about possible story lines CM Punk should of done and if you think he will ever come back in the comment section below. If you want to hear the full CM Punk interview with Colt Cabana click here: CM Punk on Colt Cabana Podcast

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