how to book reigns to mania effectively


Every generation of  the wwe
has changed there top guy it has gone from hogan to Micheals to Austin
to rock to cena and now we have come to that switch time again and for
some reason the wwe management have picked Roman Reigns.
Ever since the Samoan star has arrived in wwe, the wwe have pushed for
his success and the fans have back-lashed on management but if we could
accept and embrace hogan and rock who are both big guys why cant we do
the same to reigns? Well i believe that although some would state that
its how his push crossed paths with Daniel Bryans the true problem is
how he was presented to the wwe universe.Back in 2012 Reigns was brought
in when he was not ready with two guys that were and although you could
tell he was destined to be the leader of the shield
he was out shined and out performed in the ring and on the microphone
by both Ambrose and Rollins and it was very hard to see him as the
future of the wwe. Fast forward a couple of years of being a part of the
top faction in wrestling Reigns was set to  be a singles star and
without getting a singles title he was quickly inserted into the world
title picture at a time where there were guys more deserving like cesaro and Kofi Kingston.
I believe that all of the previously stated moments lead to a deep
anger with in the internet wrestling community and a majority of the wwe
universe which lead to the worst moment in the Samoan superstar’s
career at the wwe royal rumble with him going over in the main event. Fans back lashed at management and as usual management did what’s best for business which was best for ratings which involved Daniel Bryan
in the wrestle mania main event. WWE management scrapped there plans
and stopped a long term planned storyline. What wwe should have done was
use the rock
getting involved against reigns which would make him the underdog and a
superstar the fans can get behind. The wwe have ignored fans before and
it’s truly because the fans don’t know what they want for example, When
Hogan was the top guy people in Minnesota would give him a mixed
reaction so when the WWF had a show in Minnesota Hogan didn’t show and
storylines would write him off that week this helped mold Hulka- mania
and one of the largest wrestling booms ever. The wwe fans will learn to
like reigns and if they don’t he can always turn heel but you should
never sacrifice your plans especially if you’re sacrificing to your
audience because they’ll keep on ruining your plan.

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