How Will Seth Rollins Handle The Shield Split?


With every pro wrestling faction, they’re comes a time for the inevitable split. Three or more wrestlers show unity, join forces and reign (no pun intended) over a particular wrestling promotion until that moment when “the powers that be” decide that it’s time for the gang to break apart and go their separate directions.

Week after week we have witnessed the seeds planted for the breaking up of The Shield faction. We could argue for hours about whether or not it’s the proper time, but in most cases, there’s too many variables involved to determine when is the actual appropriate time. The bottom line is, it’s coming, and I hope that the fella’s are prepared.

As a fan of The Shield, I’m not just a Roman Reigns fan who digs The Shield because he’s part of it. I’m not just a Dean Ambrose fan, or a Seth Rollins fan. I respect and admire the talent and abilities that all three men possess. I do, however, fear what the future holds for these guys. Will they reach new heights in their careers as singles stars, or at the very least sustain the level they are at currently? Let’s take a look…

Seth Rollins

Call me crazy, but of the three members of The Shield, Seth Rollins might be my favorite of the group. There’s something about his work in the ring that I think is fascinating. Anyone who’s watched me on WZRtv on Tuesday night’s has probably heard me do the impression. If he’s wrestling CM Punk, as he did on RAW this past Monday night for example, it’s “..Come on Punk! ..Get up Punk!” Forget his actual work rate, which is off the charts, his persona in the ring during actual matches is downright awesome.

Of the three members of The Shield, when the inevitable split occurs, Rollins is the guy I’m most worried about going forward. He’s the smallest guy in the group, and I can’t really explain it, but I just feel WWE isn’t going to give him the same opportunities that they’ll give guys like Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Something tells me WWE will look at Rollins in the same fashion that they do a guy like Tyson Kidd or Evan Bourne. Great in the ring, but too small, and missing something. Whatever that something is, I don’t know, and in the case of Rollins, don’t agree. I think he’s got the complete package as a performer, and would personally love to see him surprise everyone and turn into a mega-singles Superstar following the break up of The Shield. Whether or not that actually happens is a completely different story altogether.

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