How WWE Should Book Extreme Rules 2015!


Match No.1- Bad News Barrett Vs. Daniel Bryan Vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Sheamus, Fatal 4 way, I.C Title match. This match would be an awesome match up with all kinds of in ring skills meshing together to create an incredible showing. With all 4 competitors being big names in the company this match would definitely restore a load of prestige back into a title that has lost so much over the last few years.

Match No.2- Nikki Bella Vs. Naomi vs. Paige, Triple Threat, Divas Championship match. Currently in time these 3 women are the top workers of the divas division and if given good enough time all 3 could put on a very good match by pulling all there best moves out their arsenal to prove the critics and haters wrong and prove they are not just pretty faces.  

Match No.3- The Lucha Dragons Vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, Tag Team Championship match. This match would be very entertaining and fun and could give all 4 athletes a real chance to shine wether on the winning or losing end. This match would also be a perfect time for a New Day complete heel turn by laying a real big beating on all 4 mens a**’s after a hard fought match. 

Match No.4- Roman Reigns Vs. Bray Wyatt, Last Man Standing- Both these men left the grandest stage of them all with a loss but at the same time gained a massive amount of credibility and respect. This match could bring real intensity and could really develop into a full on feud which would keep both men in the spotlight for a good few months and could provide brilliant match ups and fantastic storytelling if Wyatt gets a whole load or promo time. The loser of the match would lose no credibility at all purely because of how extreme the match itself will be and how strong both men will be portrayed throughout.

Match No.5- Rusev Vs. John Cena, National Pride match, U.S Championship match.The concept of this match would all and all be very similar to an i quit match except the only way to win the match is to have the opponent declare the others country the best. Ok i know its not the most original idea but it would fit in perfectly with this storyline and could easily continue or end the feud depending on the companies future plans for both men. This match would receive either large critical acclaim and a ton or heat or would really make the WWE Universe happy with the content. Any media is good media anyways, right?  

Match No.6- Dean Ambrose Vs. Luke Harper, Winner becomes new number #1 contender for the I.C Title, TLC match. These 2 performers are so consistent and always deliver with what ever they are given so if they are, given a chance with a match like this both could build real earned momentum and could catapult right up the top of the food chain. Both have been at the top before so we know how well they fit in and mingle with the main event bunch and we have no problems returning to the same scenario! 

Match No.7- Ryback Vs. Curtis Axel. This match is purely to entertain the audience and keep Ryback relevant and give him some momentum.(Squash match) 

No.8- Randy Orton Vs. Seth Rollins, Extreme Rules match, WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This match should be full of real hard hitting spots and should really captivate the audience on the storytelling and the constant involvement and interference of individuals such as J&J security throughout. This match really needs to help elevate Seth Rollins that bit more so he feels real strong and main event material which will help him when headlining many consecutive PPV’s in the near future.


-Kane finally departs The Authority. 

-The New Day fully turn heel. 

-The Bella’s cut a live promo before Nikki’s title match. 

-The Authority come down to the ring and hype Seth Rollins Vs. Randy Orton. 

-Curtis Axel cuts an AxtremeRules promo for comical purpose.

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