Hulk Hogan: Big Trouble


I personally was disappointed to hear Hulk Hogan used the N word. Hulk Hogan was and in my opinion, the wrestling personality, is an icon. He slammed Andre the Giant and became a hero for a generation of children. Like the Honky Tonk Man said in a shoot interview, ”Everyone has to handle everything with white gloves.” We live in a PC world. One aspect shows WWE showing great sensitivity in releasing Hulk Hogan. On the other hand, it also speaks to a bit of a sick culture we live in, because, it was said on a sex tape between a man and another man’s wife. That issue is not being discussed, that is not what is offending everyone. If our citizens cannot respect the sanctity of marriage, the current debate n marriage is rendered useless, because if the institution of marriage is not upheld, adding new previsions to marriage renders the institution in place, meaningless.

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