I Stand Corrected: WWE Does Right By Vickie Guerrero


A few weeks ago, I wrote an editorial called, “Vickie Guerrero — A True Professional,” criticising WWE for the way they were handling Vickie Guerrero’s exit from the company. At the time, they had just had Stephanie McMahon puke all over her on RAW and based on the story lines at the time, were likely to fire her on the show the next week.

I just assumed that it would be one final week of humiliation, ultimately culminating with someone shouting “you’re fired” in her face and that would be it.

I was wrong.

WWE actually did the right thing. Now, let’s not give them too much credit, as they did do a very unnecessary promo at the beginning of the show, with Stephanie McMahon saying some pretty harsh things about the late, great Eddie Guerrero. They had Stephanie deliver a lot of mean-spirited comments right in Vickie’s face one final time.

They even made her get down on her knees and beg for her job.

After all of that, however, when all was said and done, Vickie Guerrero got the last laugh. They built to a match between Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guerrero throughout the evening, dubbing it as the final time we would ever see a Guerrero vs. a McMahon in WWE. If Vickie lost, she would be fired.

When the time came, Stephanie came out to the top of the stage still wearing her dress. She revealed that Vickie would have to get through three other Divas. It wouldn’t be a regular match, however. No, this would be a match where the loser is the person thrown into a giant pool of some type of disgusting brown substance. We’re led to believe it is a big pool of crap, or maybe even puke, as it was the same color as the stuff that Stephanie had vomited all over Vickie’s face the week before.

When it was first announced, your initial thought was, “they’re gonna cover Vickie in crap one more time before sending her packing.” I did, at least.

I was wrong again.

Well, kind of.

To make a long story short, Vickie eventually threw all three Divas into the pool of crap, one-by-one. With her back turned, however, she was the recipient of a knee to the back by Stephanie McMahon, resulting in her landing face-first into the giant pool of crap, ultimately losing the match. Since she lost the match, she was fired.

As Stephanie delivered what seemed to be additional, typical humiliation to Vickie, as she obnoxiously sang “The Goodbye Song” in her face with glee, we notice that Stephanie is standing dead-center between the pool of crap and a now-fired, angry Vickie Guerrero.

As the enthusiasm in Stephanie’s voice decreased with every passing lyric of “The Goodbye Song,” Vickie drew closer to her former boss. Having finally had enough, Vickie pushes Stephanie directly into the giant pool of crap. She had finally gotten her vindication. Her retribution. She regained a little bit of self-respect and gave Stephanie McMahon what she had coming to her all at once.

Obviously this was just a small measure of revenge, as I’m not so sure that throwing Stephanie into a pool of pudding, or whatever that really was, evens the score on all of the screwed up stuff that company has done to her over the years, but it at least allows Vickie to get the last laugh in the overall story, and allows her to leave with a certain level of dignity.

In a move that really impresses me, WWE is devoting an hour on the WWE Network this coming Tuesday night for a new special on the career of Vickie Guerrero in WWE called, “EXCUSE ME! – A Cougar Countdown,” where we will get a look back at ten of the most memorable moments in Vickie Guerrero’s WWE career.

The idea that WWE is going to run an hour-long special on Vickie’s career a week after her retirement just comes off to me as a classy move, and a sign of respect. It’s a nice way to honor her career and put her over on the way out.

As a guy who felt she was just completely humiliated from day one and asked to stick around longer to allow them the chance to “write her off of the show,” only to humiliate her some more, I think WWE handled the end of Vickie’s run in the company with class. I’m impressed! And I was wrong.

What do you guys think of Vickie Guerrero’s overall run in WWE and how they handled her exit? Leave your feedback in the “Comments” section below. You can also hit me up at Facebook.com/MattBooneWZR and/or on Twitter @MBoone420.

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