Ideas for Creative in Seth’s absence throughout 2016


With Seth Rollins out for 8 months and a huge WrestleMania match ruined, WWe needs to come up with some stellar plans to still sellout the biggest WrestleMania ever. We all love wrestling and we’ve loved some of the calls they’ve made, and hated some as well. If we were Creative we would have booked things differently. So here are some of my suggestions that I think would be best for WWe going forward and ending with some match suggestions for WrestleMania. So feel free to critique them, add to, or take away, because as fans, That’s just what we do. So lets jump face first into the millions, and millions, of ideas that everyone thinks would be best, for business!

Divas MITB – How big would WrestleMania be if they had the first ever Divas MITB Ladder Match? All the Divas in a MITB where the winner gets a shot at the Divas title whenever, wherever she wanted. It would bring some praise and surprises to the Divas Division! Its time for the Divas Revolution to take another step.

WWe Contract Match – With Seth out and no one to face Triple H; leader of the Authority, there’s only one name that the fans will get behind instantly and that’s Daniel Bryan. Daniel can start off by wanting the title since he was stripped and now Seth will be stripped, the Authority against it and calling Daniel weak and breakable and just can’t handle WWe anymore. Daniel protests and get the fans behind him on every raw until Triple H makes a WrestleMania match Daniel Bryan vs. a person of Triple H’s choosing and if Daniel wins then he can come back and compete. Now we know Daniel is will be ready by WrestleMania and they can always use him like Brock as a part time performer where he’s only having matches for the big ppvs till he really gets back in the swing and doctors say he’s 100%. Even using Daniel Bryan sparingly would jump ratings. This is also a Golden spot for Triple H to bring in a NXT star to debute at a WrestleMania and steal the show with Bryan. Daniel Bryan vs. Finn Balor!Sheamus – There’s one thing Sheamus can do that no one in the WW has ever done before. If he can become WWe Champion before WrestleMania, and go in with in Ace in his sleeve so that if he does lose the WWe Title, can cash in on the spot to try and get it back. No WWe Champion has ever held the title and a MITB Case both would give Sheamus a leg up in a heel feud with the Authority. It would be entertaining to see if he can get it back or if he’ll cash in and end up losing two matches in the same WrestleMania.

Dolph Ziggler – Dolph vs. Tyler Breeze may happen before WrestleMania but that doesn’t mean the feud is over. Let it continue till WM and evolve in to a Tag Team match of Tyler Breeze and Fandango vs. Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho. Have a one-up on the intro’s where Tyler Breeze comes out with Summer Rae on his arm, and Fandango comes out with Rosa Mendez on his arm, then give Dolph and Chris each a celebrity female on their arm, just like HBK and Diesel did back in the day. Maybe Scarlett Johansson for Dolph and Y2J being a music artist, I think fans would appreciate him coming out with Maria Brink.

Roman Reigns – As much as we loved him in The Shield, we hated how much Vince pushed him and although he’s improved a lot, specially on the mic, he’s still not ready to be THE MAN. There’s a chance they can put the belt on him and he joins the Authority for a top Heel run and people hate him now so he’ll get over even faster but that wouldn’t be my choice for Roman. I think Roman should be swerved away from the WWe title and put in a Tag Team with Baron Corbin. They have a look and style that compliment each other and they could help build up the Tag Team Division. I also believe that as long as its not the WWe title, fans would get behind there being gold on him. His time will come, but not yet.Brock Lesnar – He ended his rivalry with the Dead Man, and although he can go take back his WWE title whenever he wants to, Brock is looking to destroy another legend, the biggest legend. So at WrestleMania there’s only one true opponent for him; The Rock. This should start at the Rumble by Brock drawing #1 and The Rock drawing #2 and the feud starts there.

Paul Heyman – As the best mouth piece around its a crying shame that WWe hasn’t given him a full timer to become a “Paul Heyman Guy”. Granted Brock has few work days but those on the roster who need a boost and don’t have the mic skills could greatly benefit from being managed by Paul who is skillful enough to manage them as a heel or a face. One who has talent but horrible mic skills? Neville comes to mind.

Dean Ambrose – As the modern day lunatic he’s nothing if not entertaining. Imagine if he went heel with the Authority, won the title, and then Sheamus Cashes in on him and takes it. A storyline feud between Sheamus as a Heel Champ, constantly being stalked and harass by a lunatic till he gets a shot at bringing the belt back to the Authority, which is fine with Dean because the Authority has given him free reign to do whatever he wants to whoever he wants. In a Heel vs. Crazy Heel feud could be entertaining for a few months. Lets face it, Dean would love to be a heel a lot more than he should and for Sheamus it would be fresh for fans to see how a Heel Champion deals with the Authority and how it’d differ from how the traditional face did.

The Undertaker – I hope they don’t throw tarnish him anymore than they have. By ending his streak, cheating to win, having him submit, and then jumped by a gang at a pivotal moment, things have not looked good for taker recently. I expect Creative to ruin the angle with the Wyatt’s by throwing it away quickly for no reason like they have with other angles but there is still potential here. a huge push for WrestleMania would be to keep it going to culminate in The Brother’s of Destruction; Taker/Kane vs. Bray/Harper in a first time ever Tag Team Casket Match. I can already see OMG Moment of the Year, being Kane choke slamming Harper on top of the Casket and him going through it.

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