Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill

Impact Hard To Kill Preview


Let’s just hope it’s not Trey’s Mom’s night either.

Predicted Winner: Ace Austin

Impact World Championship Match: Sami Callihan (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard

First off, before we give the rundown on this match, let me be blunt. If you’re one of those types who don’t like intergender wrestling, who is going to scroll down to post something about how a 130 lb Tessa beating a 220 lb Sami is unbelievable while ignoring the same physics at play in just about any Rey Misterio or Braun Strowman match, just stop reading. Go make your post down below, call me names, and move on with your day.

Because the simple fact is, these two wrestlers are the hottest talents in indy wrestling right now. And Tessa Blanchard is quite simply the best female wrestler in North America, maybe even the best on the planet.

You can’t keep a Diamond down.

There’s everything you want in this match. Good workers. Grudging respect becoming pure, utter hatred. A long history of the underdog babyface throwing herself at the villain only to be denied time after time after time. Outside interference, blood, sweat, tears… Impact’s done a masterful job of booking this feud.

And the woman kept coming after you.

And I don’t think it’s going to be over after this. Let me put that front and center.

However, I do think this is the time to pull the trigger on a title switch. Yeah, Sami’s only had the belt for about 80 days at the time of the PPV. Yeah, I’ve said time and time again that Impact likes giving their champs long runs with the belt.

But this switch comes down to timing. In my article on if wrestling can be cool again, I noted that drawing things out and trying to force timing kills too many angles. Well right now is Tessa’s time. Six months of building, of her overcoming the odds only to be denied time and time again culminate here.

Now’s the payoff. A new year, a new decade, a new belt design, and a new champ. She proves that not only is Impact hard to kill, Tessa Blanchard’s hard to kill, too.

And it sets up a rubber match between the two. Sami has one victory at Slammiversary 2019. Tessa will have this match. The finale of their trio can complete the year at Slammiversary 2020. The only question will be if Tessa has the belt still at that point.

The fantasy booker in me says yes. Tessa wins the belt here, and each challenger post-Hard To Kill is basically taken our or interfered with by Sami, who can play the obsessed psycho better than anyone. This culminates in the finale, a steel cage match or even an old Impact standby, the Lockdown match. These two deserve the Impact version of Hell In A Cell to cap this feud.

Either way, I expect the 2019 Impact Wrestler of the Year to be standing tall with the biggest belt in the promotion at the end of the night.

Predicted Winner: Tessa Blanchard

So there you have it! Top to bottom, this is one exciting card. In my opinion, it’s a tighter, better card than The Royal Rumble two weeks later. It’s Impact’s first chance to stake a claim in the crowded pro wrestling landscape of 2020, and I expect them to make it a good one.

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