Impact Profiles: Profiling the Headliners


Just don’t invite him to use your bathroom.

#6: oVe

Ohio Versus Everything is nearly omnipresent in Impact. Starting off as just the Crist brothers (Dave & Jake) in 2017, the brothers quickly added Sami Callihan to turn into a full on heel stable.

With every member being portrayed as do-anything psychotic disgusting heels, the stable’s been primarily portrayed as half meth-head street gang, half Callihan-led cult. The addition of Madman Fulton in 2019 added a monster to the group that’s made them even stronger.

Dirty, disgusting, no limits… oVe.

oVe has held plenty of gold over their two years in Impact. In addition to Callihan’s current World Title reign, the Crist brothers have held the Impact Tag Team Championship, and Jake Crist just recently lost the X Division belt.

Regardless of the match, regardless of the situation, oVe’s a threat.

But in any four man stable, there’s bound to be a few weak links, and oVe’s got them. First off, during Jake’s X Division reign, brother Dave Crist pretty much disappeared. Other than escorting his brother to the ring or doing video vignettes with the rest of oVe, he was a total non factor. Recently, his main occupation seems to be taking Madman Fulton out for fast food.

Whaddya mean we can’t go to Arby’s, Sami?

It’ll be helpful for both oVe and the Impact Tag Team division for the Crists to reform and pursue the belts. They’re established, they’re cohesive, and after not being in the mix for awhile they can come in refreshed.

Madman Fulton as well has a lot of potential. As an unhinged monster, he’s different from a lot of the other power wrestlers in Impact. Whether it’s his size, his style, or the dreadlocked hair, he’s a massive threat in any match. How Fulton is developed, and what feuds he gets himself into, will be key. It’d be a waste of talent to keep him in little more than multi-man matches or as outside interference.

The reason I have oVe as the #6 Impact Profile is that currently they’re a one man show, charisma wise. Now, when that one man is Sami Callihan, things are pretty good. But when not in Callihan’s spotlight, the Crists in particular suffer. Together they can be a good tag team. Who’s to say Impact won’t do a ‘oVe Golden Era’ of Sami with the World Championship, the Crists with the Tag Team belt, and Fulton… well, big men have held the X Division belt before.

But Sami can do good business without oVe. I’m not sure oVe can do good business without Sami.

So there you go! Six different Impact Profiles, Headliners and main event players you’ll see nearly every week.

But there are a lot more names to go. Whether it’s tag teams, the X-Division, or Knockouts, Impact’s got a lot more talent to look at.

Up next, the Impact Profiles Tag Teams. Whether stables, friends, frenemies, or what have you, let’s look at the division that Impact’s currently rebuilding the most!

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