Impact Profiles: The Tag Teams


Still, expect any babyface team that’s new to Impact to have a run-in with Adam & Luster, if for no other reason to get a win. As enhancement talent, they do their jobs well, and can make people look good.

Perhaps that’s something to applaud them for. These twelve year vets can work, and they’re professional about being losers. Who knows? Maybe Impact will reward them for that in the future.

The Deaners

Another team in the category of The Desis and Reno Scum, The Deaners are a clear comedy team. The difference is, The Deaners are comedic babyfaces. Comprised of Cody Deaner and ‘Cousin Jake,’ The Deaners are redneck farmers who wrestle like you’d expect. They have lots of power moves, lots of brawling, and not a drop toehold to be seen. Give them credit though, they do fly.

The Deaners are half a retread as well. Cody Deaner, the older of the two members, has been wrestling since 2000, including a memorably embarrassing program in TNA with ODB all the way back in 2009.

It’s hard for longtime TNA fans to forget the man who once claimed half of the Knockouts Championship. Don’t ask, it was TNA back in 2009. That’s all you need to know.

You could say Impact’s been doing intergender for years, I guess.

After spending nearly a decade on the Canadian indy circuit, Cody came back to Impact with ‘Cousin Jake’ in 2018, and have spent a good portion of their time since feuding with The Desi Hit Squad. The feud was utterly ridiculous, but at the same time good fun. Seeing Gama Singh riding backwards on a horse was interesting at least.

Iron’s a very important part of a healthy diet.

A Deaner match is pretty formulaic. Cody will most often start, and at some point get isolated and beat down. A hot tag to Cousin Jake will lead to chaos and ring clearing action, Cody doing some dives while Jake slams people around.

It’s basic face tag teaming 101, almost cut and paste out of the WWE playbook. In another era, I’d even see The Deaners on Raw in their current schtick. As it is, they’re in Impact, resting somewhere in that middle ground. Based off of wins and losses they’re above The Desis and Reno Scum, but I doubt they’ll ever see a belt.

The Wrap-Up & Impact Needs

So there you go! Six Impact Profiles, and you can see the problems. We’ve got a team on hiatus, three comedy jobbers, a trio of stoners, and Mack & Swann.

It’s enough to make a tag team lover cry, really. Especially when you think about the teams that have held the Impact Tag Team Championship. Somehow, we’ve gone from Team 3D vs. Beer Money Inc. to… this. I know why. Finances have sucked. And they’re just getting their feet back underneath them. Still… damn.

Now, I know I’m normally a supporter of Impact. I love this little company, even back in the Impact Zone days. But right now tag teams need a lot of work. Either get some new blood, or repackage some of these teams. Because this… ain’t gonna do it.

Here’s to hoping that over the next six months, Impact can right this division. Because those belts need more respect than what this group of Impact Profiles give it.

Okay, okay, enough.

Right on!

Next time, we’ll look at another long time cornerstone of Impact: The Knockouts. Weird, wild, and sometimes just a little crazy, The Knockouts Division gets lots of love from the fans. And for good reason. Stay tuned for our next Impact Profiles… The Knockouts!

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