Impact Wrestling Results For September 2nd, 2015: EC3 vs. Matt Hardy


[Show: Impact Wrestling] [Location: Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios] [Date: 9/2/15] [Airing On: Destination America]

We see Matt and Jeff Hardy entering the arena as well as EC3, who is set to defend his title against Matt in this episode of Impact Wrestling. They cut to a recap of Jeff Jarrett’s takeover of TNA with his GFW talent. Jeff Jarrett, Karen, and some of the GFW roster make their way to the ring.

Jeff says he and Karen came back to TNA genuinely humbled by Jeff’s hall of fame induction. Loud TNA chants rang throughout the Impact Zone. Karen tried covering Jeff’s ears so he couldn’t hear the booing. Jeff said he gave Dixie a taste of how good things could be if he ran the show.

Karen took the mic and said she had to do what she had to do to give Jeff what he deserved. She admits she had Chris “The Adonis” attack Bully Ray. She says it needed to be done and Jeff thanks her for “setting the wheels in motion.” Jeff says he’s declares a corporate hostile takeover. He says he still has ownership stake, so no one can stop him.

Chris Mordetzky challenges anyone in the locker room to face him right now. Lashley answers the call and we’re ready for a match.

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Singles Match: Chris Mordetzky vs. Lashley

They tie up early with both men exchanging advantages. Lashley leaps over Mordetzky and clotheslines him. Lashley goes for a slam, but his opponent reverses and double ax handles him. After some brawling on the outside, Mordetzky lands a butterfly suplex in the ring. Lashley regains momentum with a stalling suplex. Mordetzky is able to gain steam, but his “Mordetzky Lock” is broken out of and Lashley connects with a spear. The GFW roster attacks Lashley for a DQ finish. The Wolves try to make the save, but are outnumbered.

Winner: Lashley

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We’re back and Karen is out with a feast or fired briefcase with The Wolves still being attacked. They use the briefcase, left by Magnus, and give Trevor Lee and Bryan Meyers a tag team title match right now. Jeff tells Earl Hebner to ring the bell, but Earl grabs the mic and says he’s not cashing in anything. Hebner and Jeff engage in a shoving match until Jeff punches him out the ring. Scott D’Amore, Lei’D Tapa, and Royal Red forced a ref to cash it in and start the match with the GFW roster surrounding the ring.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves © vs. Bryan Meyers and Trevor Lee

Lee immediately goes to pin Edwards, but Edwards kicks out. The Wolves locked in submission holds on Meyers and Lee. Sonjay Dutt distracted The Wolves and was knocked off the apron. With the ref distracted, Lee cracked Edwards with the briefcase for the three-count.

Winners and new TNA tag team champions: Bryan Meyers and Trevor Lee

Bobby Roode is in the back and says Impact Wrestling is in a state of chaos. He says he’s tired of being disrespected and tonight he’ll take the King of the Mountain title.

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Jeremy Borash is interviewing EC3 who is with Tyrus. EC3 says Matt and Jeff chose their own adventure. He predicts Matt’s demise tonight and lists demands for his “soon-to-be” personal assistant Jeff Hardy. We cut to Dixie Carter who walking in the back.

PJ Black is out ready to defend his title. Roode is out with a mic. He tells Black this is TNA and he calls himself a “TNA guy.” He says he’s earned the respect of the fans every time he’s stepped inside the ring.

KOTM Title Match: PJ Black © vs. Booby Roode

They exchange punches to start the match. Roode clotheslines Black outside the ring. Black is able to rebound with combos in the corner. He’s derailed by a clothesline. Black is able to connect with two suicide dives. He lands a springboard clothesline.

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Roode lands a flying neckbreaker on Black. They traded shots until Roode landed a spinebuster. Roode connects with a modified suplex for a two-count. Black reverses the Roode Bomb and hits a reverse DDT for a two-count. Eventually, Sonjay Dutt distracts the ref, but Galloway lays him out. Roode counters a springboard with a Roode Bomb for the win.

Winner and new King of the Mountain Champion: Bobby Roode

The GFW talent storm the ring, but Roode escapes. Jeff says GFW is taking back what’s Jeff’s. Dixie Carter comes out and says all Jeff cares about is “I.” Jeff says they were a successful team until Dixie stole his power and replaced him with failed regime over and over again. Dixie says Jeff removed himself from power.

Dixie offers Jeff a “Winner Takes All” match with her team against his for control of TNA. Jeff agrees and claims Dixie has nobody. Galloway, Lashley, and The Wolves appear. Galloway says TNA is ready for the war.

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We see Jeff Jarrett in the back ramping up his GFW team. Former BDC member Kenny King makes an open challenge and Bram answers.

Singles Match: Kenny King vs. Bram

King went after Bram at the entrance ramp and they traded punches. King lands a plancha on the outside. King lifts Bram up, but he elbows his way out of danger. King attempts a springboard, but misses and Bram lands “Brighter Side of Suffering” to win.

Winner: Bram

Borash is in the back and interviews Matt and Jeff Hardy. Jeff says tonight’s about family. Matt says the thought of becoming TNA heavyweight champion fuels him.

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Velvet Sky is out and talks about The Dollhouse and their actions in Impact Wrestling. She says Taryn will wish she never met her. The Dollhouse surrounds the ring and attacks Sky. Angelina Love and Madison Rayne come out and make the save by clearing the ring. Love calls the group the new and improved Beautiful People.

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Galloway asks Dixie if she really wants to risk her company in the “Winner Takes All” match in two weeks. Dixie says it’s not a risk, but an investment and she believes in her team.

TNA Heavyweight Title Match: EC3 © vs. Matt Hardy

Matt elbows EC3 and knees him in the gut multiple times. Matt connects with a swinging neckbreaker for a two-count. He clotheslines EC3 out of the ring.

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EC3 lands a scoop slam and goes up the turnbuckle. He misses an elbow after mocking his opponent. Eventually, Matt goes for a Twist of Fate but EC3 knocks him into the ref, who is out. Matt lands his finisher on EC3. Tyrus nails Matt and EC3 hits him with his title. Matt barely kicks out at two.

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