Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results & Match Ratings 2/22/2020


From here we get a decent match, the crowd actually seemed awake for this match as well. Highlight spot of course was when Moose introduced the Staple Gun, Rhino takes it; then applies the staple gun to…erhm…Little Moose. Commentary and the crowd pop, Moose sells it well; so it was pretty funny. Then Rhino grabs a table, so of course the crowd is fully behind that. Moose moves out of the way of the Gore, hits No Jackhammer Needed; so Mr Impact Wrestling gets his win. Pretty good all things considered.

Tessa Blanchard vs Ace Austin

Impact Wrestling Sacrifice


So early on Ace is playing the sleazeball well where he tries to pull her in close by the hips, like a dance, instead of wrestling; along with generally implicit body language. Tessa’s body language throughout the whole match was awkward, and didn’t really go along with the story.

This match also demonstrated they have no chemistry. Multiple missed or awkward moves; but instead of rolling with it, they redo the spot. An attempted Pulling Up Magnum off the second turnbuckle was the first culprit; along with the botched finish. Calling this a comedy of errors is too mean, since there were pieces that worked; but it was mostly Ace Austin’s character work.

Tessa overreacting to kick outs and just never seeming to get in rhythm; made most of her offense look bad. Did it have spurts where it came together? Yes. Not quite enough to redeem anything; still fell very short of the mark.

Overall Score: 6/10

These ImpactPlus shows really keeping proving to be ALMOST a waste of time. Usually clocking in just above or just below average, really isn’t a good look. I guess using that particular sliding scale; at least this was just above average. Jake and Daga was solid, Kiera Hogan and Ray Lyn was more fun than expected, the tag title match was great; hell, even Moose and Rhino wasn’t awful.

Mostly just hampered by a mess of a main event; Sacrifice would’ve been pretty good if the last match delivered better. I find it personally amusing that most of their PPVs the last few years have been high quality; but these specials are basically house shows with spotty effort.

It remains to be seen if any of this will matter in the long run of story telling. But I really wish this show was better.

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