Impact Slammiversary XVII Review & Play-By-Play


Hi folks! This is an article reviewing the matches and key moments of Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary XVII event; along with play-by-play. If you’re looking for the results with no fluff? You can find them at the following link: Slammiversary XVII Results

I believe Impact did a great job building this card. Almost every match had something attached to it, so there was positive hype going in that persuaded some to give the show a chance. Was Slammiversary XVII good enough to keep them watching? Let’s find out. The card featured eight matches, with all four championships on the line.


The idea of Slammiversary has always been good to me. Like a wrestling anniversary, the show’s introduction took us back to the ol’ TNA days, showing us the likes of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, and many others who helped build the company. But yet, they quickly moved on to talk about the next generation of talent.

They want us to know that while looking back is fine, it’s the future we should be appreciating. “Legacies being written”, is a line which tells me Impact wants to rely on new stars, instead of what got them here. The opening match was apparently announced over social media only a day or two before the event, with no stipulations added.

#1: TJP vs. Trey vs. Jake Crist vs. Willie Mack

Thrown together last minute to get these guys on the card. Apparently it was because TJP issued an open challenge, so officials slotted in this four-way. TJP and Trey don’t like Jake much, so they double superkicked him to start off. Ultra quick action between Trey and TJP, showing us what the X-Division could be like if Impact focused on it more. Don Callis made a good point about all four of these guys starting their careers in their early teen years.

Trey gets the upper hand and is fired up after losing The Rascalz triple threat last week. But he’s stopped in his tracks with a surprise punch to the head from Willie. And err .. is he defying the laws of gravity, being able to pull off a standing moonsault? You can be the judge. Jake returned from selling the early offense, and the fans are all over the oVe guy. He asks the fans “Who Sucks?” and they chant back “You Suck!”.

Pre-planned spot #1: TJP has Jake’s legs hooked around one of his own, Willie comes in and TJP grabs his head with his arm. Trey grabs TJP, but he struggles, so Trey kicks him and follows up with a neckbreaker, which also happens to DDT Willie and pull on Jake’s legs at the same time!

Pre-planned spot #2: TJP gets Jake in an Octopus Stretch, while also having Trey in a variation of the Abdominal Stretch. Willie breaks it up by running full force in to them with a stiff strike to the back of TJP’s head.

TJP hits his springboard dropkick on Willie. Mack recovers and suicide dives TJP, and Jake quickly follows up with a dive to the outside, grabbing Willie’s head in to a DDT on the floor. Trey takes to the sky, with a spinning corkscrew suicide dive on everyone! After some messing around in the corner (like they were setting up a triple/quadruple superplex), TJP gets Trey in the Mexican Surfboard. While doing this, Jake goes for a pin cover on TJP! Willie jumps off the turnbuckle and stomps Trey in to Jake and TJP, breaking up the pin and submission! Nice spot guys.

Trey flips and dives all over the ring, til Jake powerslams him in to the turnbuckle. Jake goes on a kicking frenzy to stop TJP in his tracks. TJP later counters with some punches and kicks of his own, before taking Jake on a ride with a version of the Tazplex. Jake misses a kick, and TJP takes advantage by locking in the reverse figure four. Trey misses the falling double knees, but TJP sells it anyways and breaks up the hold. Jake joins Trey on the top rope, and super cutters him to the mat! Willie hits the 6-star Frog Splash on Jake! And it’s all over. Winner: Willie Mack

The X-Division has been effectively dead for a long time, due in part to Impact officials booking Swann against non X-Division guys. This was a glimpse of how competitive the X-Division could be if used, but sadly the match had nothing on the line other than bragging rights. Considering it was thrown together last minute, it wasn’t bad at all, and I particularly enjoyed the surfboard/pin/stomp spot. A good way to start Slammiversary, although some fans were more bothered by the production values.

Before the next match, we are shown how The North won the Impact World Tag Team Championships at Bash At The Brewery. I found it strange that they won the titles so soon before Slammiversary. Found it even stranger that the three-way tag match, which I assumed would steal the show, was scheduled so early in the night.

In a backstage interview, Melissa Santos asked The North if they were surprised to pick up the win, but Josh Alexander takes offense to her question. Ethan Page takes over and cuts a heated promo on how “surprised” LAX and the fans were. They literally said out loud, that they are the best tag team in the world, so it’s silly that anyone was surprised by this. When Slammiversary’s all said and done, you’re looking at the World Tag Team Champions.

#2: The North (c) vs. LAX vs. The Rascalz for the Impact World Tag Team Championship

LAX start off by knocking The North off the ring apron. Seems this match is tornado style (no tags needed) as everyone can enter the ring whenever they like. LAX Irish whip The Rascalz in to a suicide dive on The North. Rascalz and LAX brawl in the ring as The North sell on the outside. LAX hit a double team backbreaker on Dez, as the crowd shows their support. The fast paced action continues, as The North recover and Josh Alexander catches Wentz, turning it into a spinning powerbomb pin as Ethan shoulder blocks Ortiz.

Alexander gets Wentz in the ankle lock as Ethan defends him. Wentz manages to roll out and send Alexander in to his tag team partner. Dez literally launches like Wentz like a cannon ball at Ethan in the corner. The Rascalz tee off on Josh with kicks and stomps, but a pin isn’t enough as Josh kicks out. LAX drops Alexander with a double team move as Ethan fends off Dez on the turnbuckle. As Santana pins Alexander, his partner Ethan throws Dez a long way down on to the pin, breaking it up. He blows a kiss to the crowd, and they reciprocate by booing.

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