Impact Wrestling: The Best Moments & Wrestlers of 2020


Building Knockouts Tag Teams

While other companies struggle to support one championship for a small group of women, Impact Wrestling is going one further yet again. Much like when it introduced the Knockouts Division in 2007, while others were still in the age of booking stripping contests, they have proven crucial in moving women’s wrestling in a positive direction in 2020. It’s where everyone wants to be, because even if you’re not challenging for the Knockouts Championship, they are reintroducing the Tag Team titles soon.

A tag team tournament is currently ongoing and has already attracted names like Jazz, Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle to make the jump. It didn’t quite work out the first time, but back then it was bogged down with poor planning and very little teams to challenge. Management has learned from previous owner’s mistakes and has spent much of 2020 building a tag team division long before the announcement was made. Major kudos. Women’s tag team wrestling has never truly gotten off the ground, but this could be the start of something special.

Deonna Purrazzo Arrives

This is a girl who spent much of her young adult life bouncing around from promotion to promotion and not being allowed to settle. She appeared in almost every company you can think of til she was given time to showcase her talent in NXT. However, earlier this year, she was let go when the coronavirus pandemic hit to save money. Since she first appeared for WWE in 2014, she worked only 16 matches on TV in five years. The reason for this is because management didn’t think she was ready for TV.

Madison Rayne contacted her after being released, and a month later she was being hyped up as a big acquisition for Impact Wrestling. And boy, has she done a lot since then! A two-time Impact Knockouts Champion, seeing off Jordynne Grace and Su Yung to become one of the most promising wrestlers on the roster at 26 years old. One company’s loss is another’s gain. AEW really should have picked her up when they had the chance.

Banned By Twitch Over Rob Van Dam’s Sex Scene

Ok, so there was a negative consequence as a result, but to me and the company it was laughable. Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes and Jennifer Lawrence got a touch too raunchy in the bedroom on one episode of Impact. And much to their surprise, this led to them being banned from Twitch for about a month? I can’t remember how long exactly.

It was a double standard because other channels have featured worse. Rob Van Dam could do nothing but make fun of it on Twitter. Melissa Santos thought it was funny as well. It became a running joke on future episodes of Impact. From what I’ve seen, it became one of the most infamous moments of the year of any company. What’s wrong with ’em having a bit of fun? Depending on who you ask, nothing or everything. Can’t find the video of it anywhere, but here’s a much tamer moment when RVD & Katie Forbes interrupted an interview with Brian Cage.

Johnny Swinger

Well, let me tell you something daddy. Johnny Swinger is here and all the mizarks are going crazy for him. And I can’t blame them daddy, look at his guns. He’s bigger than Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior in their primes. Johnny Swinger may be the single biggest draw in the history of wrestling. And the ladies clearly love him. Look at all the moments he’s had this year… they can’t get enough.

In all seriousness though, Swinger has been on fire in 2020. He may be a sleazy, out-of-date character, but that’s the point. It’s a huge piss take out of how wrestling was. He takes all the negative characteristics from the carny, ye olden days, and rolls ’em up in to one nice bundle of entertainment. He’s so far in to the role I wouldn’t be surprised if he dresses and talks like that off camera. And when you have someone who can bring out so many non-politically correct lines and get away with it? You’ve found gold.

If anyone else came out with the one liners Swinger’s been coming up with there would be uproar. But because he’s such a cartoon, no one takes notice. He’s like a time capsule in living form. It’s like The Doctor (Who) or Bill & Ted ripped him out of time and dumped him in Impact Wrestling just for our amusement.

Impact Wrestling

MCMG, Eric Young and Brian Myers Returns

I’m so happy to see these guys return and be used how they should. The Motor City Machine Guns is still one of the best tag teams in the world, and it was an injustice for them to be separated. As for Eric Young… wow! I’ve always been a massive fan of EY since his TNA days. So much untapped potential being wasted in WWE, and the “World Class Maniac”  took no time getting his foot in the door of the main event scene. I’d prefer him to still be the Impact World Champ because he’s one of the best heels in the game.

No one has done beat downs or promos like Eric Young in 2020. I dare you to find anyone who has been as brutal in his delivery. It’s not possible because the world belongs to him. And lastly, I’d like to say that Brian Myers has endured a slow build since returning to Impact, but something tells me he’s on the edge. He has had to deal with Tommy Dreamer & Swoggle, but the jokes are ending soon. The main thing from my perspective is he’s getting used and is winning! Which is damn sure more than what he had before. The only way is up for the “Most Professional Wrestler in the World”.

Moose Transforms

He has had a breakout year. Moose was almost a comedy act earlier in early 2020, as he dressed up as legends like ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, but could never win when it mattered. He also started calling his spear ‘No Jackhammer Needed’ as a dig at Goldberg. Continuing his respectful and disrespectful tributes toward legends, he set his on sights on Ken Shamrock. And beating Shamrock was the turn of the corner that he needed.

Something twigged in his head. He was getting it, and from that point he targeted ‘TNA’. There was supposed to be a big angle where he would eventually win the TNA World Title, but due to circumstances it couldn’t happen. So instead, he picked up the title one day and decided… ‘I’m the REAL World Champion’. His delusional frame of mind continued for months, as no one else, including the company and his peers, took him seriously as a champion despite defending it in matches.

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