Impact Wrestling: The Best Moments & Wrestlers of 2020


When Ethan Carter III returned, he took it to a whole other level. No one had seen EC3 but Moose, and everyone thought he was a figment of his imagination. EC3 tormented Moose’s psyche for months, til they eventually met in a ring at Bound For Glory in a random warehouse to decide who would be the champion. This is when Moose transformed in to what we see today. He has become a monster who is still obsessed with the fact he is the real World Champ, but in the ring he’s more dangerous than ever.

Who Attacked Trey? Who Shot Bravo?

Remember the ‘Higher Power’ of the Attitude Era? Some of the best angles in wrestling are those that have you wondering… “Who Is It?”, “Do You Think He/She Did It?”, “Who Is The Mastermind?”, and that’s what Impact has been doing better than anyone in 2020. It’s really simple stuff, but they do it in such a way that it’s cartoon-y with a seasoning of corny.

The best ones are when there’s an obvious suspect, but it ends up being someone else entirely… but they were the more obvious if you think about it. For example, with the latest “Who Shot Bravo?” storyline, one of the most obvious was Rosemary; she’s a death dealer, and it’s something she would do even if she’s marrying him. Taya Valkyrie was a big suspect too, because she could’ve been jealous of the fact that Rosemary was “stealing” Bravo away from her.

It could’ve been 4 or 5 other people, which is how well they built this story up around Bravo. It turned out to be Larry D’s alter ego “Lawrence D”, who Rosemary created in Wrestle House to get Bravo to notice her. Lawrence was madly in love with her, but no one guessed it was him because he was an afterthought in the scheme of things. It made total sense though! And this is why Impact’s writing works.

Impact Wrestling

Recognizing TNA

When Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff got to TNA in 2010, they didn’t want TNA to be who they are anymore. Over the years they stripped things away and renamed it ‘Impact Wrestling’, largely in part because they associated TNA with the acronym “Tits N’ Ass”. They apparently couldn’t sell it to sponsors because they were as dirty-minded as them. Yes, it’s that simple.

And I always found it to be dumb, but I eventually accepted the fact it’s called Impact Wrestling. So when Dixie Carter was bought out by Anthem Sports, and they later put guys like Scott D’Amore and Don Callis in charge, I noticed a difference. The company was no longer ashamed of their history. And this year we were meant to see the revival of TNA. There was going to be a big PPV and many originals returning to pay tribute to the golden age.

We got a glimpse and it looked good, so here’s to hoping that when things die down they’ll give it another chance. Because it shouldn’t be a bad thing to remember TNA. Especially the days before Hogan & Bischoff came along with their ‘brilliant’ ideas. It used to be a great alternative. Sting. AJ Styles. Samoa Joe. Kurt Angle. The X-Division. Knockouts. Quality tag team wrestling. So much more. It should be remembered fondly.

Rohit Raju

Another breakout star of 2020. This guy was a jobber in an Indian stable only a year ago. Rohit Raju was at the bottom of the barrel. He was one of the best at being embarrassed. And he stood out in the Desi Hit Squad because he was by far the most entertaining. Shera & the other guy… Raj Singh (always forget his name), they were meant to be the stars.

There’s Shera… a heavyweight beast who is pretty useless after so many pushes. Raj is the real son of Gama Singh (their manager), but he’s got so little charisma I’m not surprised they stopped using him. So Raju went from carrying the Desi Hit Squad to doing it on his own. Not only that, but he trained super hard and got in great shape. Since winning the X-Division title he has made it mean something again. Sure, he might not be a bouncy, flippy, spotfest kind of athlete, but in terms of storytelling and working he’s no slouch. Raju is low key one of the best heels in Impact today. And to me, that’s one of the biggest surprises of 2020.

Impact Wrestling

Slammiversary Saves The Day

I won’t get in to the intricacies of why Slammiversary’s booking turned out to be a complete mess (maybe another day), but I will say this: they saved it from being a disaster. With no World Champion or Michael Elgin, management had to find other ways to sell the PPV and rework the main event. Leading up to Slammiversary, many names were teased to be making an appearance, including Sting, Kurt Angle, EC3, Eric Young, Rusev, Heath, The Good Brothers, Aces N’ Eights, and so much more.

With WWE letting go of so many talents, it was logical that at least a few talents would make the jump. And the buy rate was huge, as wrestling fans around the world wanted to know who would cross over. In the end, EC3, Heath, Brian Myers and The Good Brothers made it. And in the main event for the vacant World Championship, Eric Young made his return challenging for the title. Rich Swann returned too, after being shelved with an injury for many months. A solid card and a five-way elimination match for the World title as its main event, combined with all the hype over who would appear, saved what was originally a very different-looking PPV.

Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary & Wrestle House

Wrestle House is a mixed bag depending on who you ask, but there’s one enormous reason it existed: to share their talent’s personalities. Naturally, Rosemary, Tommy Dreamer, Johnny Swinger and Alisha Edwards already had plenty of character progression, but the house needed them to carry the others. It was a way of putting some of the less (or newer) charismatic individuals in situations where they could learn from mentors and have fun in the process.

For example, Acey Romero and Larry D were nothing but two super heavyweights before this. Crazzy Steve had been back a little while but hadn’t done much, so teaming with Swinger was healthy. The dynamic between Susie, Kylie Rae, The Deaners and XXXL gave us a new side to her character. And speaking of Kylie, she was able to get time to work with Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie before her title match with Deonna Purrazzo. Had they not put her in there, would the fans have been as accepting if she won?

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