All Intro Videos For Monday Night Raw. (1993-2017)


Hi everyone! After looking through old intros to wrestling shows, I thought why not put them altogether in one place? It’d be pretty big if I included every intro for every show, so I’ll split them up. The first will be Monday Night Raw from 1993-2017, and I managed to find a video for every year except 1998 & 2014.

Not sure why I couldn’t find 2014, maybe they kept using the 2013 version? The 1997 video was used between ’97-’98 with different superstars (like one featuring Vader & Pyscho Sid) included. Either way, it’s a great visual example of how Raw has evolved over the years. Depending on when you started watching; a good deal of nostalgia too.

The intros were basic in the first couple of years, til the birth of The Attitude Era changed the game. They became more elaborate, and the music heavier. They needed to be better than anything WCW had to offer. From 2002 the music became lighter, and the intros more polished.

In my opinion, since the early 2000’s (and more so from 2007), Raw intros have steadily toned down to appease the casual family audience. In recent times, pyro has been outlawed .. which gives fans even less reason to get pumped with adrenaline for an exciting 3-hour Raw. Needless to say, WWE lost the special art of producing quality introductions for their programming a long time ago, and to this day you won’t find many great examples unless you look outside the main roster. But that’s a subject for another day .. please enjoy the videos! Which intro beats all?

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